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10 Questions to Ask Your International Removalist

Everything you need to know for international removals

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International removals are complicated. Before you even begin to move you need to find a good company to transport your belongings. How can you tell if they’re the right international removalists for you, though?

By talking to the removalist team and asking them the following questions, you will have the peace of mind of knowing you are in safe hands. If they don’t answer these 10 questions to your satisfaction, then you know it’s time to look somewhere else.

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1. Are they accredited and insured?

The last thing you want is to find out that you’ve chosen an unreliable international removalists company. If they are not accredited or insured then it would be a risky choice to let them move your belongings. It is much better to research the company first or ask them if they can provide proof that they are accredited.

2. Who will be your main point of contact?

For international removals, it is a good idea to know who you will be in contact with throughout your move. During your move you may find you have questions or concerns about a particular issue. If you don’t know who to contact it may take you a while to get the answers you need. Ask your international removalist who will be helping you throughout the move, and make sure you keep their contact details handy.

3. Are there any items you cannot ship?

Depending on the country you are moving to there may be restrictions about what you can bring in. Some countries have stricter guidelines than others so it is good to know beforehand. It is important to check with your international removalist what items you can or can’t bring. You do not want to have any complications with customs when you enter the country.

4. What is the cancellation policy?

Before you sign the contract with your international removalists, it is a good idea to ask about their cancellation policy. It’s important to see the terms and conditions to ensure that there are not any terms that you weren’t aware of. You don’t want to sign the contract and then find out that they will charge a large amount of money if you need to cancel last minute.

5. Are there any changes not included in the quotation?

With international removals, there may be hidden costs involved in the move that are not included in the initial consultation. Although it may look fine at first glance, it is always better to ask if there are any extra costs rather than find out once it is too late.

International Removalist Going Through Inventory Next To Moving Boxes

6. What tasks do you need to complete before moving?

Before the big day, there may be certain tasks that your international removalists expects you to complete. If they don’t tell you up front, then you may need to ask them if they have any specific requirements or tasks that they need you to do. If you wait too long to find out what you need to do, you may not have enough time to complete everything on the list.

7. Do they load the shipping container themselves or use a third party?

If they use a third party to do the loading for you, it is best to make sure that company is reputable as well. If they use a third party you can’t guarantee that they provide the same quality of service as your international removalist. It’s better to check ahead of time to make sure that you won’t regret signing the contract later.

8. Do you have to be present when your goods arrive?

You’ll need to check with your international removalists if you need to be present when your goods enter the country. If necessary, you will need to factor this into your travel arrangements. It will be much easier for you if the removalists can handle this for you. Getting your belongings to your new home and through customs clearance should be included in the services.

9. Can they provide an estimate for transit time?

International removals can take time, so it is good to talk to your international removalist to find out how long they think your move will take. While they may not be able to give you an exact time-frame, they should be able to give you an estimate. This will allow you to plan all your other arrangements to make sure you won’t have to pay any unwanted costs.

10. Are there any specific customs regulations?

You need to make sure you have all the relevant information to follow your destination’s regulations. If your international removalist doesn’t have this information, then they aren’t as reliable as you think they are. It is important that you both understand the requirements for bringing goods into a new country. Make sure you talk to your removalists before you sign the contract.

International removals aren’t always easy. To make it seamless and stress free, you need to choose the best international removalist available. If they can’t provide you with the answers you are after, it might be best to find someone else rather than signing a contract you’re not comfortable with.

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