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4 Easy Steps to Office Relocation

Office Interior

1. Start With the Basics – Ensure you’re very clear about the purpose of your office relocation. This could be a lease break, lease expiry, planned growth etc. This will assist you in defining your needs and planning the appropriate office move for your business. Big decisions that must be agreed upon prior to the actual relocation will form the basis of the planning process, including the details of the existing lease, your notice period and current obligations and liabilities.

2. The Earlier the Better – With so much to do, the earlier you start, the greater the chance of achieving the smooth office move your company needs and expects. We recommend reviewing potential new locations anywhere from nine to 18 months prior to your lease expiration regardless of whether you are considering renewing or relocating. This lead-time is vital in increasing the amount of leverage and competition between the various options, potentially resulting in savings for you too! Don’t begin the moving process without planning a realistic budget. That way you can keep track of costs and ensure you don’t spend any more than needed. WridgWays offers professional relocation planning assistance, working within ant sized budget! A moving office checklist outlining any tasks to undertake won’t go astray. Your WridgWays office movers can again provide this to you.

3.  Engage the Right Office Moving Professionals – Moving office can prove to be a complex and stressful task, but not with the help of WridgWays Business relocation services. With many years’ experience in safely relocating businesses for a variety of industries, WridgWays understands what it takes to successfully move your business better than anyone. We recognise that your business will need as little down time as possible, and this means that not all equipment can be moved at the same time. Your valuable office equipment such as computers and filing storage units will be handled with the upmost care. WridgWays business relocations, working with our Project Management, specialise in solutions for both small and large organisations, whether relocating a small team or the whole of business.

4.  Clearing and De-Cluttering: Clear out old files and purge all storage areas of unneeded items prior to moving and arrive organised and ready to commence work at your new office. Consider scanning any documents no longer needed in hard copy (remember to dispose of unwanted files securely). Secure storage of documentation is a flexible, safe and cost-effective solution to free up valuable and more costly office space. WridgWays secure storage facilities are located Australia-wide for your convenience. We offer both long and short term storage options for your company, ensuing there are no disruptions during and after your move.

For help with your upcoming office, warehouse or factory move contact our freindly business relocation consultants today.