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> Moving In Australia > Top 5 Road Trips to Take in Australia

Top 5 Road Trips to Take in Australia

There is definitely something about a road trip that is all alluring. Especially in Australia, with so much land for us to explore – many of us are yet to see it all!

Whether you are moving to Australia or have been living here your whole life, there is a world of sights, experiences and amazing journeys to be had. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for the feeling of freedom as you’re cruising down the highway, or the deep cultural experiences you will immerse yourself in along the way; ther’s no better way to see our diverse country than by driving across it. We have put together our top picks for the 5 best road trips to take in Australia:

1. Great Ocean Road in Victoria – Positioned along Victoria’s south coast, the Great Ocean Road provides breathtaking views of the land and sea, coupled with lush rainforests, colourful towns and an passionate surf culture. We recommend making special stops at Lorne, Apollo Bay and the Great Otway National Park along your journey, finishing up at the famous 12 apostles (although there are now only 8 left).

2. Snowy Mountains in New South Wales – Travelling by car is the perfect opportunity to explore the region of the Snowy Mountains. Along this route you will find the country’s highest mountains together with some very diverse flora and fauna. During the summer months you will find the region staging many major events and festivals, you could even find yourself at a sheep sale or country show. It’s the perfect place for a natural adventure; enjoy endless outdoor activities in a remarkable mountain environment.






3. The Savannah Way in Queensland – This is one for all the adventure seekers out there! The Savannah way drive links Cairns in Tropical North Queensland with the town of Broome in Western Australia, via the natural wonders of Katherine in the Northern Territory. The route spans 3,700 kilometres and links 15 National Parks and five World Heritage areas. There will be no shortage of wildlife and historic Aboriginal heritage to find here in the outback.

4.  Watagan Mountains in New South Wales – Driving through the Watagan Mountains you will experience some of the country’s finest rainforest scenery. The Mountains boast a rich cultural heritage; with more than 40 Aboriginal sites featuring art, engravings and remnants from previous forestry settlement in the area. The Watagan has a large number of recreation sites and is easy to access from Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Watagan Mountians





5 Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia – Within easy reach of the city of Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula provides a uniquely diverse range of scenery, wildlife and activities. Its green hills are bounded by cliff tops, beaches, coves and the winding Murray River. Similarly to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, the Fleurieu Peninsula has a real beach culture; you’ll enjoy the sun, sand, food and wine here. Make a stop at one of the many wineries and find your favourite drop. Australia’s richest landscape art prize is also staged on the Fleurieu Peninsula.