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5 Things to Remember to do when Moving House!

Moving day is fast approaching! No matter how prepared we try to be, there are always things we forget. Here is a list of the five most common things people overlook or forget when moving house so you don’t make the same mistakes:

1. Gather all the spare keysHappy couple on moving day

This is the most common forgotten item on the ‘Moving House To-Do List’!  Often we leave a spare set of keys with neighbours, family or in a secret hiding place and then move home without collecting them! Make sure you gather all spare keys well ahead of time. The new owner or real estate agent will be eternally grateful!

2. Update your new address

This is another biggie that is sometimes overlooked or left until the last minute.  Get sorted at least 2-3 weeks before your move-out date, our Moving Checklist will guide you quickly and easily so you don’t miss anything. Australia Post also have a great website where you can quickly consolidate all your changes of address notifications see here.

3.  Compile important documents in a Safe Place

Start to compile all your important documents and personal records in a safe place so you are have only one place where they are all located, and to prevent panic attacks later. Documents such as; passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, school/dentist/doctor records, spare keys, and so on. Remember to advise your packer and removalists that your ‘Safe Documents’ are not be packed into moving boxes on moving day.

4. Dispose of all Dangerous Goods!

Prior to removal day, you should take time to go through your home and set aside any flammable of dangerous goods that should not be included in your removal. Particularly items typically found under the sink, in the garage and shed, and laundry areas are high on the list. Items that should not be packed and moved are: oils, petrol, paints, matches, aerosol cans, show polish, gas cylinders and more. Pack them into a carton and give them to your neighbour as they cannot be safely transported alongside your household furniture and boxes. Refer to your WridgWays dangerous goods listing for further information.

5. One final check!

Like leaving a hotel room, you should always do a thorough final check before you lock the door for the last time. Once your house is empty of all furniture items and cartons, remember to turn off electricity, water, etc and of course check every cupboard, shelf and room of the home before you depart. Once you arrive at your new destination, it can often to a challenge to have someone forward any forgotten items onto you.

Oh and remember to relax and enjoy this exciting new chapter of your life!