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5 Tips to choosing a quality removalist

Moving house can be one of the most stressful events, so it is important to put your removal in the hands of reliable, professionals. As with everything, you will certainly get what you pay for and the cheapest option may cost you more in the long run, if you encounter damage or delays.

Consider the following tips to assist you in choosing a reputable removalists company:

1. Are they an accredited member of AFRA?

Australian Furniture Removals Association is an official body of removals experts that helps regulate the removals industry. AFRA accredits only those furniture removalists that have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training needed to complete a professional move. Ask your removal company if they are a member of AFRA and if they hold accreditations and other recognised professional memberships.

2. Reputation is everything

When looking for a removalist, consider these questions:

3. Get Recommendations

Ask your friends, family members and co workers about companies they have used in the past and you will soon gather a list of trustworthy removal companies. Check reviews about their credibility and ask for testimonials from previous customers.

4. Services

Consider the additional services you may require for your complete move. Do you need a professional carton packing service, house cleaning, pet transport, car transport or even a full unpacking service upon delivery? Perhaps even a handyman service to hang pictures, re-assemble playground equipment etc upon delivery.

5. Get everything in Writing

It is unwise to proceed with any removalists company if you do not have full terms and conditions and a detailed contract. Make sure that you obtain a no obligation written quotation and check all details are fully listed and all costs are clearly illustrated. Don’t risk unexpected charges or surprises on moving day.

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Our team of localinterstate and itnernational removalists are skilled professionals, who provide understanding and care. Our services include packing, unpacking, cleaning, vehicle transport, insurance, and much more! To discuss you next move find your nearest removalist branch here.