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Top 7 Cities to Launch A Startup Revealed

Office Removals Startup Cities

Throughout the world, business thrives on technological advancements and efficiencies. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are endless amounts of technology startups popping up on a weekly basis.

For entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level, reduce costs, or tap into a market of new, advanced talent, setting up office abroad is an alluring option. If the idea of leaving Australia to start over appeals to you then you need to ask yourself the main question, which destination will give you the best outcome?

On the short list of factors to consider are moving times and preparation, median rent prices, internet speed, transport costs, food costs, telecommunication, labour, taxes, governmental factors and the list goes on. Although this may seem like a monstrous task, getting in contact with a professional international removalist will relieve some of the pressure. The team at WridgWays knows how stressful this can be so we have done some of the research for you! Whatever you are looking for in a new international office we have got you covered.

Start thinking about office removals – these are the top 7 cities to grow your startup!


Auckland, New Zealand

Office Removals Startup Cities

New Zealand boasts a business culture that is laid back, creative, fun-loving and well balanced. The environment is less cut-throat and even less hectic than most other major cities in the world. Unlike other capital cities in Australia, you do not need to spend a fortune on everyday expenses to live comfortably in the heart of Auckland CBD. Services such as internet, removals, and labour are all available at your fingertips and many expenses such as food costs will not differ dramatically from prices in Australia. New Zealand’s government agencies provide invaluable information and grants for startups to support small businesses trying to establish their requirements. The economic environment has a stable growth: GDP of 2.6% in the first quarter of 2015 and 75% growth for industries such as transport, communications, agriculture, fishing and mining. Australian entrepreneurs in these industries need to take advantage of this opportunity. If you call the East Coast of Australia home, a major perk for you will be the short plane back home, if you do miss home and want to fly back to Sydney or Melbourne for a visit every so often.


Bucharest, Romania

Office Removals Startup Cities

If your startup is on a tight budget, look no further than Romania. Moving your office to Romania will give you all the essentials that your company needs, such as fast internet connection, low operating costs, and low rent and utilities, which are four times cheaper compared to Western Europe. You will enjoy a wide range of events organised by tech entrepreneurs throughout the year. Such events include networking nights, workshops, and conferences. The main goal of these events is to inspire career-focussed people to leap forward and make moves within the industry.




Office Removals Startup Cities

If you enjoy the vivacious atmosphere of Melbourne and Sydney and want a place with the same energy then Singapore is the best place for you. Singapore has one of the largest growing economies in the world. The industry of technology is growing, allowing for more opportunities for networking and enabling creative partnerships to form. The government has a pro-business model and private sector, with resources all vying for attention. Singapore is renowned for its lavish lifestyle and endless shopping options, so you can travel light and only pack your most important possessions. With a high literacy rate, most of the talent is tertiary educated and the general business atmosphere is fast paced and very results driven.


Berlin, Germany

Office Removals Startup Cities

Berlin is one of the most dynamic and culturally diverse cities to set up your company in. Berlin offers access to smart and driven people from all over the world. This international environment fosters an exciting atmosphere for new beginnings and business growth. The business culture is extremely results driven and everything must be measurable. An affordable city to live in, Berlin has good rates for renting offices, as well as affordable office removal costs to move you into your new office. Competitive in nature, the talent pool in Germany is one of the best in the world, allowing for innovation and high productivity.


Athens, Greece

Office Removals Startup Cities

Following six years of recession, Greece’s weak economy has shown signs of stability, within the last couple of years. Unemployment rates in younger demographics is significantly bigger than bordering European countries which means the pool of talented employees is vast, and you will find young workers to be eager and willing to learn. This stems from a mixture of a hard working attitude as well as high-quality education, especially in the field of software engineering. Along with the relatively low cost of living in Athens, the public transportation system is also extremely efficient. Beautiful warm weather along with gorgeous scenery makes this place ideal for start-ups to strike up a good balance of work and leisure. The living conditions alone are worth contacting your international removalists.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Office Removals Startup Cities

This location is one of the best places to start up a technology company. The industry in Israel has a passionate and creative atmosphere with a diverse pool of talent, and a trusting and transparent atmosphere, similar to that of the Melbourne scene. The move to Israel can be quite costly with high living expenses, though those in the industry say that making such valuable contacts are priceless. Because the industry is so tight knit collaborations between entrepreneurs are often encouraged. The business culture places a strong emphasis on productivity as well as freedom of work and self-expression, so you will be sure to have a team that lives by the motto – work hard, play hard. Social norm is less on politeness and pleasantries and more focused on overcoming challenges, solving problems and getting stuff done.


Seattle, USA

Office Removals Startup Cities

If the other locations featured in this list are a little too isolated for your startup concept, then you will not be disappointed by the idea of this metropolitan city. This US city in the northwest of the country will provide access to larger market segmentation, making it easier to test your product locally. Seattle features a bustling nightlife, enviable dining and food scene, as well as an abundance of natural wonders a short drive away. There is an extremely close knit community of entrepreneurs where new ideas, testing, and development are encouraged. This city is seriously cool and laid-back, with friendly, active people. The temperate climate will benefit those who want to get away from the hot Australian summers.

Making the decision to grow your startup overseas calls for many considerations. You need to outline what key factors are integral to the success of your move and the launch of your business venture. Choosing the right location means taking into consideration the business culture, economy, cost of living, and governmental matters. Whether you are moving from Melbourne, Perth or from Sydney, hiring professional office removalists will make the first steps easy and give you peace of mind.

WridgWays are highly professional international removalists with years of experience. For more information on our services visit our international removalists page.