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8 tips to packing for your move

When it comes to packing, being faced with boxing up your entire house with a looming deadline can be a very daunting process! But never fear, we have a few ideas and words of advice to assist keep your stress levels at a minimum:

Hire a Professional if possible – The obvious answer is to hire the carton packing services of a professional removalist company like WridgWays Removalists ! Our skilled packers can pack the entire contents into cartons in one day! But don’t try this at home, these girls and guys have been professionally trained and pack fragile and non-breakable items into boxes every day and it is what they do better than anybody else. If you can’t afford to pay for a full pack, consider having the professionals pack your fragile items only. This consists of glassware, ornaments, electricals, pictures and anything breakable. Keep in mind that anything you self-pack may not be eligible for insurance cover.

Plan – Regardless of whether you are packing part of all of your belongings, be sure to start as soon as possible. Devise a plan and set dates against each room or area. In your plan include set dates to pack each room and work room-by-room. Start with the drawers and cupboard contents you use least. The key is getting organised early and allowing plenty of time to complete the process. This will help keep your stress levels to a minimum.

Clear out unwanted items – Start getting rid of all the things you don’t intend to take with you to your new home. It’s a great opportunity for a fresh start plus will save you time and energy moving it to the new home. Unwanted items can be donated via a cool website called or of course sold using EBay or the good old-fashioned garage.

Use purpose-built moving cartons – When packing partially or completely yourself we recommend utilising packing cartons such as those used by the removals industry. Other cartons – like fruit boxes or supermarket boxes are not designed to ensure the safety of fragile items during a removal and if moving overseas these cartons may be confiscated or worse, destroyed by Quarantine or Customs at destination. When moving with WridgWays we will happily provide you with all you necessary moving cartons, paper and tape!

Packing effectively – Packing cartons yourself requires skill and a level of strategy. Ensure that your most breakable items are placed in the top of your cartons to prevent weight being placed on them. Scrunch up plenty of paper at both top and bottom of every carton and use it to fill the gaps. Cartons should be packed tightly, as a loose packed carton is susceptible to damage or collapse. You can also avoid the hassle of having to move excess boxes this way. It is important that the contents of your home are packed correctly and protected while in transit.

Minimise weight – Make sure that boxes are not too heavy. This will make life easier for you come unpacking. This can be done by either making sure the cartons used are not too large, and also balance the number of heavy and light items that go in each carton. Books are heavy anyway, so use small book cartons for these and keep them to a minimal weight. Finally, ensure that your cartons are sealed tightly with an appropriate adhesive tape – tape and packing paper are also available from your local branch upon booking at a nominal charge.

Label every box & nominate the room for placement in your new home – As you progress through the packing process make sure each box is labelled with a permanent marker. Write clearly on each carton your surname, the contents of each box to go in your new home (e.g. Kitchen or My Bedroom) and what’s generally inside (e.g. linen) – making things easier for you to sort through come unpacking. If something is particularly fragile don’t forget to label the box as fragile. As mentioned, while our professional removalists will take the up-most care transporting all of your cartons to your new house it is important to keep in mind that goods packed by the owner are often ineligible to be insured, so please check with your removalist prior to moving day or simply invest in the services of WridgWays professional packers for these fragile items for peace-of-mind.

Don’t pack these items – Remember certain items cannot be accepted for transport by your removalist. This includes dangerous or flammable items such as; cleaning products, oils, petrol’s, paints, varnish, kerosene, weed killers, matches and more. Don’t put your family or yourself at risk, dispose of these prior to moving day. Your WridgWays consultant will also provide you with detailed information about these items prior to moving day.

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