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9 Questions to Ask Your Melbourne Removalists

Questions to ask your removalists

Be Prepared with Your Professional Movers Melbourne

It can be scary moving to a new city. Whether you’re coming from nearby or across the country, it can be very overwhelming. Let your movers Melbourne remove some of your stress by talking to them about the moving process. They have experience with moving and can help address any of your concerns. If you’re not sure where to start, these ten questions should help get you going.

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1. Are you accredited and insured?

At WridgWays we only employ removalists Melbourne who are accredited with the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Not all removalists are accredited with the AFRA, but we ensure ours staff are. This means they have the necessary training, equipment, vehicles, and premises to carry out your move.

2. What if my new home isn’t ready to move into yet?

Sometimes your new home might not be ready for all your belongings. Maybe you’re going on a holiday first, or maybe you need some work done on it. No matter what the reason is, at WridgWays we can provide you with storage solutions for your needs. We offer short-term and long-term storage options in our storage facilities in Melbourne.

3. Do I need to be present when the removalists are in my home?

Moving house

You or a representative over the age of 18 must be present at all times while the removalists are in your home. This is for your safety and theirs. It’s also important to be there when the removalists are delivering your goods so you can show them where you want everything placed. This will ensure the process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

4. How can I travel from the airport to the Melbourne CBD?

There is currently no train line running from the Melbourne airport into the city. There are other options, though. You can catch the Skybus, which is a bus that runs regularly from the airport into the city and all the way out to Frankston. There are also taxis available, or you can order an Uber.

5. How are you going to transport my belongings?

WridgWays trasnportation

We use a variety of methods to transport goods around Australia. It depends on where you are going. We use shipping containers for most of our moves which we can transport by train, road, or sea. Our removalists will determine the best method to suit your move.

6. How long will it take to transport my belongings to Melbourne?

This depends on the method of transport we use to move your goods to Melbourne. The longer you have to travel, the longer it will take to move your belongings. Our removalists here at WridgWays always strive to use the safest and most efficient methods to transport your goods.

7. Where is your depot based in Melbourne?

Our depot in Melbourne is based in Dandenong South, south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. This is where you will be able to store your items when you are living in Melbourne. We have staff that work all over Melbourne to help you move into your new home.

8. How will I be able to find out how my move is progressing?

Our removalists will be in touch with you every step of the way. They will keep you updated on how your move is progressing. Your Move Manager will be assisting you with your move, but you can also contact the Head Office in Melbourne on (03) 9554 7300.

9. Which roads in Melbourne are toll roads?

Melbourne road

There are several toll roads in Melbourne that you will have to look out for. The Citylink runs through the CBD and consists of the Bolte Bridge and the Domain and Burnley Tunnels. The Eastlink connects the outer eastern suburbs and will be more expensive the longer you travel on it. You can sign up to an online account if you plan on using these toll roads.

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