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Environmental Sustainability

Removals Sustainability

Wridgways Planet Commitments

Environmental management

The Santa Fe Group complies with all the environmental regulations and standards that apply to its various offices and has implemented ISO 14001 (environmental management system) in 26 offices.

ISO 14001 certification has proved to be a useful management system allowing ownership at the executive level and contributions by all staff throughout the company. ISO 14001 certification has allowed locations to actively think about their contributions to preserving the environment and seek ways to improve.

In 2013 four offices in Europe will undergo internal and external audits to evaluate their environmental management systems and will seek ISO 14001 certification.

With the CSR software that has been implemented throughout the group we are now able to accurately record and track our environmental activities on a group-wide basis.

Promoting environmental awareness

We use both internal and external communication and training to increase our employees’ awareness of environmental issues. In 2013 our goal will be to create a virtual environmental team who will drive environmental awareness within their respective locations. The team will also track and monitor trends, seek out opportunities for improvement, share best practices and implement environmental initiatives across the group.

Total Waste Recycled

Recycling and material efficiency

The industry in which we operate is heavily reliant on natural resources, in particular materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, tape etc. for office use and packing materials. Santa Fe Group tries to make efficient use of materials reusing and recycling these where quality will not be compromised.

Energy management

Potential areas for saving energy are systematically identified in many parts of the company, especially in locations that have achieved ISO 14001. The Santa Fe Group continues to work towards further reducing specific energy consumption by implementing initiatives like solar panels and energy-saving light bulbs.