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Proudly Supporting Red Kite


Wridgways is a proud sponsor of Australian charity Redkite, which offers support to children who are living with cancer, and their families.
Our affiliation with such an important organisation is one that we value highly, and it is for this reason that we want to make the most of every opportunity we can to contribute to this great cause.

RedKite Morning Tea 1

For five years we have been supporting Redkite through regular donations, and strive to make the most of every opportunity to raise funds and generate awareness. This begins with simple initiatives such as morning teas and raffles which are a great chance for our staff to bond while contributing to the lives of sick children.

In 2015 our staff members participated in the Trade a Treat campaign, which involves sacrificing a luxury item such as chocolate or coffee for a week, and donating the money saved to Redkite. Participants can also seek sponsors, which allows other members of our team to support them in their fundraising goals. We are looking forward to participating again in September 2016 and joining all the great Australian celebrities who also support this cause.

Red Kite Team

On a grander scale, we make the most of the events that we are involved in as a business, and invite Redkite volunteers to attend and speak directly with our potential customers. We are passionate about using these opportunities and our influence across multiple industries to help raise awareness about a charity which does so much for those who need it most.
We applaud the work of Redkite, and the work of those who can often go unseen in supporting this cause. The contributions of the volunteers, the tireless employees, the corporate sponsors and the everyday Australians who donate are absolutely vital to sick children’s wellbeing, as well as their amazing families.

Wridgways would like to encourage you to donate to Redkite and help to ensure that a wide range of essential support services is available to children and young people with cancer, and their families, throughout the cancer journey.

Redkite receives no government funding and relies on the generosity of people like you.

Donate now by visiting or by calling 1800 REDKITE (1800 733 548). You will receive a receipt via email and all donations of $2 and above are tax deductible.