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Social Contributions

Santa Fe Group remains active in a variety of ways in support of community events and charitable organisations. We believe that in supporting charities and community events, we not only improve the communities and world we live in, we also motivate staff and create goodwill.

Santa Fe Group sees itself as a company that can provide not only financial contributions but also time, expertise, resources and experience to our communities.

The community organisations supported by Santa Fe Group include women’s groups, crisis help lines, international schools, amateur arts organisations, non-profit organisations, sports leagues, Oxfam, Marie Curie Cancer Care, and The Johns Hopkins Research Fund which focus on the treatment of breast cancer. In 2012 Santa Fe Group continued its commitment to Cancer Research; Santa Fe Asia and Wridgways Australia contributed to Johns Hopkins Research Fund, raising USD 94, 795. Santa Fe also organised a fun run to raise money for John Hopkins which contributed a further USD 21, 068. In Europe money was raised and logistical services provided to Marie Curie Cancer Care including a charity box scheme collecting unwanted household goods for distribution at Marie Curie’s national network of shops.

In 2013 Santa Fe, Asia and Interdean, Europe will contribute USD 5.00 to Bartram’s School for every relocation performed. The money raised will be used to expand the school’s grounds so that children can continue their education up to the seventh grade instead of the current fourth grade.

Wridgways will be supporting Red Kite, a charity that supports children and young people with cancer. Red Kite support services include financial assistance, emotional support and education assistance. Wridgways is hoping to contribute over $20,000 to Red Kite in 2013.

The Santa Fe Group is also a proud sponsor of the Foundation for Social Change, a not-for-profit organisation whose primary purpose is to improve the lives of impoverished women around the world.

Santa Fe Groups commitment to our communities 2012

Breat Cancer Research Walk

Breast Cancer Research Santa Fe Hong Kong walking for Breast Cancer Research

October 2012, Santa Fe Hong Kong participated in the Pink Walk for Breast Health – an annual walkathon organised by the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF) for making bigger strides in eliminating the threat of breast cancer USD 12.290 was raised for the organisation. Staff wore specially made pink Santa Fe T-Shirts to mark the occasion.

Pink walk for Breast Heath 2012

Santa Fe Dubaiwalking for Breast Cancer Research

The Burjuman Pink Walkathon in support of Breast Cancer Research. Over 13.000 people attended the event to raise awareness.

Children's rights and welfare

Children’s Rights and Welfare

Santa Fe employees support local community school in Phuket, Thailand.

Approximately 100 Santa Fe employees took part in a community project, working with 60 children from the Tessaban Muang, Phuket School in Thailand.

The children, aged 9-11 years received donations and books from Santa Fe Group which will be used to help in their development. Santa Fe Group staff and the children took part in team building exercises which encouraged team work, social development and language training.