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Achieve the Most Organised Kitchen in Your New Home!

Valet unpack ladyPacking and unpacking your kitchen is often one of the most dreaded tasks when moving house. After making sure you haven’t left anything behind, then to organise the kitchen upon arrival at your new place, there are many things you can do in between to make the process not only less-stressful, but achieve the most beautifully organised kitchen as possible.

We’ve listed some tips below to make the transition to your new kitchen an easy and gratifying project:

The Clear-Out/Packing Stage:

  1. Clean out all cupboards and drawers – Start by setting up boxes for things that are either travelling to your new place, being donated to charity or going in the bin; whether that is recycling, compost or general waste. Follow this up by going through your food items, appliances and storage containers – have you used this item in the last 6 months? Are you likely to use it in the next 6 months? If not take it out of the “moving” pile, and put it into the “donate to charity” pile. This should minimise the contents you will be moving to your new home already.
  1. Wrap crockery and breakables carefully – Bubble wrap is great to utilise if you’ve got some, if not, cardboard dividers in conjunction with towels will do just fine. For extra protection, contact a professional moving company that offer a packing service – they provide all of the packing materials and do the hard (and delicate) work for you. If you are moving with Wridgways and have elected to pack yourself, we will happily provide you with recycled packing cartons and wrapping materials free of charge! After all, we want to make the moving process as easy and safe as possible for you.

The Exciting Unpacking Stage:

  1. Install sliding racks and bracketing in your new pantry – Put in sliding racks with baskets or tubs instead of fixed shelves for easier access and simplicity. Bracketing for holding containers of flour, sugar, salt, rice and pasta frees up a lot of room from the shelf below and utilises that dead space that shorter products don’t. You can even take it that step further by labelling the containers to minimise searching. Sorting your spice rack alphabetically may seem over the top at first, but is really very efficient when looking for that particular spice container that looks identical to all of the others.
  1. Utilise dividers and storage organisers – Using dividers for silverware has been an effective organiser for many years – why not build on this and keep drawers of small items neat with dividers, storage containers or small bowls. Keeping the measuring spoons and corn holders separate from the potato masher and salad servers can save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent fossicking through a cluttered drawer.
  1. Place the most frequently used items where they can be easily accessed – Everyday appliances such as the kettle or toaster and items like breakfast cereals, fruit, muesli bars and canned soups should be placed at chest level in the pantry where they can be easily accessed; leave the top shelves for the items that are used less often such as food dyes and baking supplies, as well as the bottom shelves for those heavier items. Your kettle and toaster can be hidden away in a cupboard below the power point for ease of use. Having those frequently used items in easy reach will make food preparation and cooking far less time-consuming.
  2. Get a professional unpacking service from Wridgways – The professional and caring Wridgways Valet unpacking team will quickly and carefully unpack your belongings to help you settle into your new home. As soon as our team of removalists unload your precious items, the valet staff will get to work. They can promptly unpack the contents of your cartons, clean your cupboards, shelves and bench tops, set up your kitchen, organise your bedrooms and make your new home fully functional from the moment you arrive.

These simple tips for organising your kitchen when moving will have you loving your clutter-free kitchen in no time!

For further information on moving and packing services contact Wridgways expert moving consultants today or free call us on 1800 225 916.