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Assignment Management

When you are ready to expand your organisation globally, you can outsource any or all aspects of the management process to Santa Fe’s global assignment management program.
Santa Fe provides a full suite of assignment management services on a regional and global level to reduce your direct administration and guide your employees through a smooth transition to their assignment. With a global base of blue chip clients, we have the tools and expertise to help your organisation expand your global reach.
Our flexible Assignment Management services include professional advice from a dedicated Account Manager who is supported by an experienced account management team, and highly responsive 24/7 support.

Global Assignment Management Services tailored to your needs

Santa Fe has the resources and expertise to manage all aspects of expatriate administration and global mobility on your behalf. We will tailor your personalised assignment management program to suit your organisation’s needs, so you can outsource as much of the relocation management process as you require, from initial policy services to delivering assignment services globally.
Santa Fe Consulting Services will review your strategic plan and department objectives and advise on the most effective assignment management solution for your business. Once we have helped you develop your mobility policy, our implementation team will transition your assignment program and related systems, establishing clear delineation and strong communication between your organisation’s administrative team and the assignment management specialists. This ensures you can outsource the required aspects of your global assignment management while retaining access to balance sheet calculations, cost projections, managing exceptions and full reporting capabilities.

Assignment Administration

Santa Fe will appoint a dedicated Account Manager for your business, supported by a team of highly experienced assignment management specialists. This team represents a single point of accountability, establishing clear communication and simple administrative structure, so you can confidently delegate all global relocation concerns to your specialist team.

Support for Employees on Assignment

We provide full ongoing assignment support for your relocating employees via a single point of coordination, from their pre-assignment briefing to their repatriation at the conclusion of the assignment.

Global Real Estate

We are committed to providing the right home in the right location so we can settle your relocating employee into a home that suits their personal and business needs. Your employee is much more likely to adjust to their new role if they are comfortable in their new home.
Santa Fe provides worldwide home search services, so your relocating employee can benefit from the combined expertise of home search professionals and local market experts.

Temporary Housing

Whether your relocating employee is on a short term or long term assignment, we generally move the relocating assignee and accompanying family members into temporary housing, prior to arranging permanent housing. We consistently strive to provide the best available temporary living at the most cost effective price.
Our range of temporary housing options will suit any short-term living requirements, and include serviced apartments and short-term lets.

Funded Home Sale*

A funded home sale, also known as a guaranteed home sale, gives your relocating employee the security of a guaranteed offer to purchase their home at a fair market value. Santa Fe will establish the funding program to manage the property portfolio in the best interests of your business. Santa Fe will take responsibility for all valuations, purchase and onwards sales of property, so you and your employees can concentrate on business.
* Availability is country specific. Please contact your regional Santa Fe representative to enquire about availability.

Managed Home Sale

Through our managed home sale program, we take responsibility of marketing and selling the relocating employee’s property at fair market value in any market conditions. Santa Fe will coordinate all aspects of the sale, such as managing the property portfolio and all valuations, appointing suitable agents and finding third party buyers, so you and your employee are free to concentrate on business.

Tenancy Management

Santa Fe will relieve you of the time consuming administrative stress of managing multiple tenancies in relation to your relocation program. We will also relieve your relocating employee of the stress of dealing with tradesmen and negotiating leases.
Our tenancy management services provides full support throughout your employee’s tenancy, assisting with lease negotiations, repairs and maintenance, so you and your employee are free to concentrate on business.

Financial Management and Cost Control

Santa Fe can manage all your relocation related expenses, including the arrangement and tracking of payments and expatriate payroll solutions, while providing transparent reporting of expenditure for tax compliance.
We will also work proactively to keep your global assignment program as cost efficient as possible, using techniques such as Total Cost Reporting to monitor key areas of impact, and Gain Share to implement cost saving initiatives.

Global Mobility Technology Solutions

Santa Fe’s comprehensive technology solutions are a key element in our fully integrated Assignment Management, enabling us to manage your entire Global Mobility Program through one single source, linking all stakeholders. Your authorised personnel will be able to authorise assignments, track assignees, monitor activity and view all costs and access reports.
Our flexible and transparent system is designed to meet your precise needs, whether you wish to monitor a few specific tasks or you wish to completely outsource global management. We also take pride in the highest data security standards compliance for our technology. Read our security policy for more information.

Supply Chain Management

Santa Fe provides full vendor management, through our global network of approved relocation suppliers, with the option of integrating your preferred supplies into your global network.
We take pride in providing high quality service, directly and through our vendors so we ensure that every part of our service delivery adheres to our pre-agreed Service level Agreement. Our unique communication and management program is designed to connect our global network of approved providers while monitoring and managing performance, so we can ensure all providers consistently meet the standards stipulated in your policy.

24/7 Service

You and your relocating assignees have round-the-clock access to front line support through Santa Fe’s dedicated customer service line which provides direct 24 hour support for Santa Fe customers worldwide.

Assignment Management includes: