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Important information when preparing your BBQ for transport

WridgWays has been safely moving every type of household and furniture item since 1892. However, there are some items that require a little pre-move preparation, such as your trolley BBQ, in order to ensure the best move possible.


In order to assist you prepare your BBQ for transportation we suggest the following preparation steps, this also provides a great opportunity to clean your BBQ in readiness for use upon arrival at your new home.

1. Disconnect the gas cylinder


2. Gas cylinders cannot be transported unless it is completely gas free and empty and acertificate has been issued from a Gas Cylinder Test Station, stating it is empty


3. Disassemble ‘removable components’ starting with the removal of the hood, thenburners, grills, hotplate, side and drip trays and heat deflectors / heat rocks


4. Discard oily sand and other contents from the drip tray


5. If the plates and grill are dirty or fatty, clean with soapy water and leave to dry


6. Never use harsh cleaners on stainless steel instead use a soft cloth and soda water asthis will not scratch surfaces


7. Line a suitable carton with plastic and pack components


8. Clearly mark carton with your name and label with the word ‘BBQ’


9. WridgWays can supply a carton on moving day if required


10. Remember the first time you use your BBQ at your new home, turn all burners tohigh for 5-10 minutes, let the cast iron and rocks become very hot then turn the BBQ to low before wiping with oil before cooking. Enjoy!

For further information in relation to preparing your BBQ or any other information please do not hesitate to contact your nearest WridgWays removalists branch.