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The benefits of a professional packing service

Branded Cartons

So you’re moving house? There are many details to consider prior to moving day and packing can often be the most demanding aspect. It is easy to underestimate the careful preparation and time which needs to be invested in packing cartons for your move.

There are many reasons why you might feel overwhelmed by the packing process. Not sure where to start? Don’t know how to plan for packing or the best way to safely pack your breakables? Maybe you simply don’t have the time. Life will be much easier when you choose a professional moving company like WridgWays. Whether you want help with safely packing everything in your home or just selected items, WridgWays will save you time and effort! In fact, we can help ensure that everything reaches your new home safely, no matter what size, shape, or form. It’s all about professionalism and making moving simple and convenient for you.

The benefits of using WridgWays highly trained professional packers are extensive and include:

Experience in handling fragile, heavy and special care items – having safely moved families for over 120 years we are leaders in the removal industry. Your professional packers have experience in wrapping and packing your fragile/special care household items with the upmost care ensuring everything reaches your new home safely, without a hitch.

Experience and familiarity with packing materials and procedures – you will have peace-of-mind knowing that your personal effects are carefully protected using our specialised packaging materials secured in sturdy purpose-designed cartons. Your highly trained professional packer will arrive at a designated time with all the appropriate packing materials and get the job done efficiently, in a minimum of time. We know what problems commonly arise and how to pack and transport effectively to minimise these during your move. Using a professional packer can also reduce the number of boxes used, meaning less boxes to be unpacked upon arrival to your new home and more time for you!

Have training in health and safely to avoid or handle accidents – Your removal staff have been trained on how to properly lift and carry your furniture and cartons which will eliminate any potential harm caused when moving these yourself.

WridgWays professional packers will typically wrap pack and empty every drawer and cupboard, protect every wine glass stem, even the most fragile vase. They will have all cartons packed in your home in one day! Most people who attempt this huge task themselves find the packing goes on for weeks, the home is cluttered with paper and boxes and often they experience damage due to inexperience, lack of wrapping materials and using non-specific moving cartons. This often amounts to a significant amount of wasted time, energy and money in the long run. Why not leave it to the experts and consultant WridgWays for a professional packing quotation. Additionally, often goods that are packed by the owner are ineligible to be insured, so please check with your removalist prior to moving day or simply invest in the services of WridgWays professional packers for your own peace-of-mind.

WridgWays are happy to do all the carton packing for you; after all we are the packing experts. We have both the quantity and style of cartons necessary for your removal. The variety of cartons used to safely transport your personal effects include:

  • Stereo/file cartons – these cartons are specifically designed for your electrical items; your amplifiers, CD players, files and the like. This also means all items are kept together making life easier come unpacking time.
  • Art Packs – available in both small and large sizes, these cartons are specifically designed to safely transport your precious prints and paintings.
  • Port-a-robe – this extremely handy purpose built robe enables you to transport clothes straight from your wardrobe without needing to remove hangers and flat pack them in boxes. Upon arrival to your new home simply hang straight into your new wardrobe.
  • Book carton – specifically designed to transport your books, files or wine.
  • Utility carton – this is a small general purpose carton built for office records, food stuffs, bathroom effects, tools etc.
  • Plasma TV carton – If you no longer have your original Plasma TV carton – don’t worry! WridgWays can provide you with a specifically designed box to transport your TV safe and sound to your new home.
  • If required, we can even provide you with sturdy custom built packing cartons to transport particularly sentimental or unusually shaped items in your home.

This all helps towards providing a stress-free environment. By enabling WridgWays to safely pack your items for you, you can ensure more time is spent preparing for the transition into your new house whether it’s switching utilities or purchasing new furniture. We take the stress out of moving! Don’t forget that you can ask WridgWays any questions you might have every step of the way.