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Home > Moving News > 9 Best Restaurants in Perth You Need to Try in 2017

9 Best Restaurants in Perth You Need to Try in 2017


No matter where or who you are, life will always present you with an occasion to eat out. Be it a casual catch up with friends or a special life event, knowing which restaurants to go to when you are new to the neighbourhood is a sure way to get settled fast. If you are planning a move to Perth, or have already embarked on the journey, it is time to familiarise yourself with the best Perth restaurants and cafes to meet your every need for every occasion and budget.

Here is why you need to know the best places to eat in Perth.

You may just find yourself spoilt for choice when you discover the melting pot of cuisines on offer in Perth. Be confident in knowing you will never be short of options for your next casual coffee, social gathering or special event. With cuisines to suit everyone’s taste, you are bound impress your friends and co-workers with your knowledge of the best local hotspots.

From up-market to casual eats, it is time to find out which Perth Restaurants made the list!

Firstly, you are likely eager to know where to get a good morning coffee and hot breakfast. Rest assured we have found the best cafes in Perth for exactly that.

Best Restaurants in Perth: Breakfast Cafes

1) Gusto Food, South Perth



Don’t be fooled by Gusto Foods quaint old english exterior, this breakfast cafe draws in the locals who are eager to try their famous homemade crumpets. Despite the short table wait on the weekend, Gusto Food has a reputation for speedy staff and a friendly local scene, perfect for anyone trying to settle into Perth.

  • Homemade crumpets are a must try
  • Take away available
  • Exceptionally fast service and friendly staff
  • Gluten free and vegan options available
  • Well priced menu, a coffee and hearty breakfast for approximately $30 per person

2) Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park



The home of extraordinary coffee, Harvest Espresso is known amongst the locals as the best café in Perth for its fresh food menu, which changes seasonally. Harvest Espresso is run by a husband and wife team who pride their business on fresh quality produce, healthy alternatives, and a family friendly atmosphere.

  • Homemade sweets available for purchase
  • Helpful and personable service
  • Family friendly atmosphere
  • Well priced meals and drinks, approximately $30 per person
  • Menu changes seasonally

3) Moore & Moore, Fremantle



A quirky little café in Fremantle, Moore & Moore is known for adding its own ‘twist’ to mundane menu items. Sit amongst the eclectic, vintage interior and enjoy a hearty breakfast like you have never experienced before! Excite your tastebuds with a red velvet latte or a poached egg with a side of burnt butter mash. Moore & Moore is the place to be if you are on the hunt for something a little different.

  • Quirky yet cosy interior, located within an art gallery
  • Well priced at approximately $25 per person
  • Home of the red velvet latte and many other unique drinks
  • Free WiFi

Here are the best restaurants in Perth for a casual meal

Now you know where to go for the best healthy or hearty breakfast in Perth, you are probably just as eager to learn about other dining experiences the city has to offer. If you are making the move to Perth, these are the restaurants you will want to familiarise yourself with for a casual meal.

4) Shou Japanese Kitchen, Greenwood



A hidden gem in the suburb of Greenwood, you can find a truly authentic Japanese dining experience at Shou Japanese Kitchen. Open for lunch and dinner daily, this is the perfect little spot for a simple fresh food experience at a fair price.

  • Great Sushi selection options for take away lunch
  • Sit at the bar and watch Japanese sushi chefs culinary expertise
  • Well priced, approximately $30 a head for dinner options
  • Book in advance, often a line at peak hours

5) Galileo Buona Cucina



It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t enjoy Italian cuisine. However, it is important to know where to find an authentic Italian restaurant. Look no further than Galileo Buona Cucina in the suburb of Shunton Park. Presented with an Ospitalità Italiana authentication, you can trust you are getting the real deal here.

  • Well priced at approximately $30 per person for mains, $20 per person for an entree
  • A traditional Italian menu with a modern twist
  • Ospitalità Italiana Authenticated
  • Awarded Australia’s Italian Restaurant of the Year 2016
  • Extensive menu to suit everyone with plenty of vegetarian options

6) Little Creatures, Fremantle



For the ultimate casual dinner experience, look no further than Little Creatures Brewery. A local favourite for a simple pub meal with all the usual favourites on the menu. A perfect place for large gatherings or for people who appreciate craft beer.

  • Little Creatures wood fired pizzas are a local favourite
  • Open until late every night
  • Extensive craft beer menu
  • Modern converted warehouse interior

The best fine dining restaurants in Perth

For a truly special event that requires a touch of the finer things, you can find exceptional fine dining restaurants in the city of Perth.

7) Rockpool Bar and Grill



Located in the Burswood Entertainment Complex, Neil Perry’s Steakhouse, Rockpool, will be a dining experience like no other. Dine in style within the sleek modern exterior while you enjoy a Western Australian lobster or a veal cutlet cooked to perfection. At the more expensive end of the scale, be assured an exceptional meal awaits you at Rockpool. If you’re moving interstate to Perth from Sydney or Melbourne, you may have already experienced Rockpool, however, it is still recommended that you experience what Perth’s Rockpool has to offer.

  • An award winning restaurant
  • Wine menu of over 1350 different bottles
  • Owned by celebrity chef Neil Perry
  • Extensive steak menu including marble scored options

8) Restaurant Amuse



If you are looking for a refined dining experience, you can find exactly that at Restaurant Amuse. Owner and chef Hadleigh Troy alongside his wife Carolynne have created an exquisite 9 course degustation menu accompanied with perfectly matched french wine.

  • Halal, vegetarian, gluten free, vegan options available
  • Intimate 12 person event bookings available
  • Seasonal menus
  • A more pricey night out, approximately $150 per person

9) Wildflower



Occupying COMO The Treasury’s rooftop space, Wildflower is a contemporary European restaurant which encompasses indigenous 6 seasons ethos, reflected in the changing menus. Known for his experience in many Michelin starred restaurants, executive Chef Jed Gerrard has meticulously developed the Wildflower menus that change every 2 months to reflect traditional aboriginal characteristics of the season. Each menu represents changes in weather, native plants and wildlife, and utilizes those ingredients available within those changing seasons.

  • A higher price point at approximately $145 per person, additional costs for paired wines
  • Run by executive chef Jed Gerrard, an advocate for organic and sustainable produce
  • Changing menu inspired by traditional aboriginal seasons.
  • All the art lining the walls of Wildflower are available for purchase

With so many options to choose from, your move to Perth has no doubt become a lot less daunting now you know some of the must-try places. Be it a casual coffee or an intimate fine dining experience, Perth has it all covered.

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