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Our Customers Say…

Customers Say

With 125 years of experience moving families around Australia and across the globe, Wridgways has a team of friendly moving experts who can’t wait to make your next move a great move. We love receiving feedback from our happy customers, and use this to recognise our staff, and to constantly improve on the level of service we provide.

There are lots of different ways that our customers can get in touch with us after a move to let us know how we’re doing, including emails directly to our staff, but also through review platforms like Product Review. Below is just a sample of the great feedback we get on a regular basis from our happy customers!


Removalists Albury

Moving Australian Families since 1892

Wridgways removals Albury

Our Albury Branch has been proudly providing removals and relocation services to areas surrounding Albury and Wodonga since 1961.

Our small but dedicated team of moving consultants is ready to tailor a stress-free moving experience to your needs. We will help to guide you through our suite of expert moving services including packing, unpacking, cleaning services, pet transport, secure storage worldwide, vehicle transport, full relocation services and insurance.

If you’ve got your heart set on the serenity of a semi-rural lifestyle, you’ll be happy to know that affordable land and houses are available in and around the many towns and villages surrounding Albury. Our sensational lifestyle on the famous Murray River will be perfect for you!


Contact Albury Office

Phone:02 6025 1288
Address: 20 Merkel Street, Thurgoona, NSW 2640

Albury Moving Experts

Understanding that the moving process can be a stressful time for anyone, we strive to deliver a service unlike any other you will receive in the removals industry. Whether you’re moving to the next suburb, interstate or even overseas, a personalised, hassle-free moving process will be arranged for you. Sit back and let Wridgways do the hard work for you!

When planning your move, your friendly Albury moving consultant will ensure they firstly fully understand your moving requirements before tailoring a solution to meet your individual needs. This means also determining the services you might need; like house cleaning, animal transport or storage. In some cases Wridgways will visit your home to precisely ascertain exactly the household items you wish to move and address and resolve any concerns you may have regarding your upcoming move. Moving tips and a removal checklist are provided to you by the Albury team to ensure you feel more organised leading up to your removal.

Come moving day, your highly trained and professional Albury removalists will get to work packing and moving your precious household items with skill and care. Using the safest packing materials in the removals industry, your removalists will get the job done quickly and efficiently. The Albury team has one of the lowest damage and loss rates of customer property in the removals industry – your removal is in capable hands.

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Albury Woman and Boy Painting

Moving to Albury?

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience, but a daunting one too. Using a quality removalist will give you peace of mind that your belongings will be well looked after and arrive to your new address safely and on-time.

If you’re moving to Albury, choose Wridgways for an efficient and stress-free removal service. Over the past 125 years we have developed a reputation based on our extensive knowledge, expertise and excellent customer service.

Whether you’re moving from within Albury, from another part of Australia or internationally, we aim to provide you with five star service from the offset and promise to treat your belongings with the utmost care and respect.

Moving within Albury

  • Wridgways is one of Albury’s premier inner-city removal firms.
  • Our removalist team will work with you to understand your unique needs.
  • We take entire control of the moving process, from door-to-door.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, we offer a modern approach to furniture removals.
  • We will even position the furniture right where you want it, leaving you to relax and enjoy your new home!
Couple moving within Albury

Moving from Albury

  • We are part of the Santa Fe Relocation Services which spans Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Whether you’re moving to another part of Australia or abroad, our helpful consultants will manage all aspects of the moving process.
  • We offer a range of additional services for moving overseas, including purchasing, leasing or renting property; migration assistance; cross cultural-briefings; and passports and visas.
  • We offer a range of shipping options to suit any size move, from a small studio apartment to a large estate.
  • We use specialist packing for certain items, such as Artpacks for artwork and VIP furniture covers.
Mother and child moving from Albury

Moving services

When you are moving home, it isn’t simply enough to just take your possessions and move them to another home. There are a lot of other details that need addressing during your move, such as moving your pets, the insurance and cleaning. Our removalist teams are on hand to assist with all of these aspects of your move in Australia regardless of whether you are moving interstate, locally or even internationally.


If the unexpected occurs, make sure you’re protected.

Learn more

Secure Storage

Whether you need long term or short term storage, we have you covered.

Learn more


Let us make your move easy with our team of experienced packers.

Learn more


Settle into your new home without the stress, by using our friendly unpacking team.

Learn more


Make your next move a breeze and ask about our cleaning services.

Learn more

Vehicle Transport

From cars and bikes, to boats and more! We’ll move your vehicles wherever they need to go.

Learn more

Pet Transport

Give your furry friend a smooth transition to their new home with our range of pet relocation services.

Learn more

Santa Fe Connect

Give yourself a break and get all of your services connected in one place.

Learn more

Great Cycle Challenge


Throughout the month of October our Marketing Coordinator, Laura Gordon will be participating in the Great Cycle Challenge for charity and riding a staggering 1000km to raise money for children’s cancer research. To keep track of Laura’s progress, or to make a contribution to this fantastic cause visit

Red Kite Morning Tea

Red Kite

The Perth branch had a very successful morning tea and raffle for RedKite on the 23rd of September. Members of our Team have been participating in the Trade a Treat campaign which sees them giving up “something small, to make a big difference“.

Trading these items allows them to donate the money they would have spent on said treat, to help families facing cancer. Pictured above are Kristy Mone who gave up chocolate, Geraldine Babbe who gave up Red Bull, Jasmine Innes who gave up swearing, Lee Mirco who gave up coffee and Amy Firns who gave up hot chips. Well done team!

RedKite provides essential support to children and young people with cancer, and their families. They are there throughout the whole cancer journey, from the moment of diagnosis, throughout treatment and until after treatment finishes.

Redkite receives no government funding. They rely entirely on the generosity of the community to provide these important services. We are very proud of our team for working with this great organisation to improve the lives of those living with cancer.


Mount Isa Community Events

Mount ISA Events

The town of Mount Isa has been very busy recently, with the annual 5km Cancer Council Colour Run and the Mount Isa Rodeo bringing in large crowds from right across the North West region of Queensland.

The Mount Isa Rodeo returned again this year and our Mount Isa Branch had the honour of supplying one of our trucks to be used as a float in the parade in the spirit of  this year’s theme “Showtime”. The Rodeo is the largest held in the southern hemisphere and attracts thousands of visitors from all over Australia and around the world, and offers a large monetary prize to attract the best competitors. The Rodeo runs over three days and finishes with the finals on Sunday.

The Colour Run was held out at Lake Moondarra and boasted crowds in excess of 1,000 people with plenty of locals showing up to raise money for breast cancer research.

Deb James, Administration Assistant, from the Mount Isa Branch took part in the Colour Run, raising money for a great cause and having a fantastic time. Well done Deb!

We supported “Paws, Hoofs and Claws”, a Mount Isa animal rescue and rehoming charity organisation run by a fantastic group of volunteers.

The float theme this year was a pun on ‘The Three Tenors’ and aptly named ‘The Three Terriers’. The floats’ dog face was created by Deb James, Administration Assistant in our Mount Isa office. Justin Anderson, our driver, and his wife Krystal  drove the group through the parade and their two year old son Kayne had a wonderful time waving at the crowd as they drove through. The group managed to win the best comedy float and Paws, Hoofs and Claws collected $1,000 from Mount Isa Mines and Rotary to assist in rehoming lost or abandoned animals. Well done to our Mount Isa Branch for your participation in such a worthy cause!

Global Mobility Survey

2017 Global Mobility Survey

 GMS 2017-embedding business strategy

The 2017 Santa Fe Global Mobility Survey report ‘Embedding Business Strategy in Global Mobility’ is now available. This 7th annual edition is among the largest and most robust studies on Global Mobility, and includes insights from the responses of over 950 professionals and business leaders from 56 countries.

Despite barriers to globalisation and geopolitics, the 2017 Santa Fe Global Mobility Survey finds that Global Mobility continues to be vital in organisational growth and business success.

The report also includes commentary from leading influencers within the Global Mobility sector, providing interpretation and analysis of the results, as well as recommendations for business success.

Topics explored in the report include:

– The latest trends in Global Mobility
– How to demonstrate strategic value of a Global Mobility function
– Digital impact on Global Mobility
– Enhancing the employee experience
– Managing risk and staying compliant

We would be pleased to meet and present the findings to you and your team, and encourage you to contact us if you would like to discuss the report further.

To access your complimentary copy, visit:

Santa Fe Relocation Services Contact:

Gregg Watt
Business Development Lead – Australia & New Zealand
Santa Fe Relocation Services
Ph: 03 9554 7300


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Wridgways as an organisation recognises the need for the correct handling of information gathered in the course of business. Wridgways’ clients, prospective clients, business associates and staff all have a right to have confidence that the information that Wridgways stores and processes is handled in a manner which upholds their best interests. To this end Wridgways is undertaking and will continue to undertake all reasonable measures to comply with the ten National Privacy Principles as outlined by the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

Personal Information

For the purposes of the Wridgways Privacy Policy the term Personal Information is defined as any information that describes an identifiable person. The person may be a staff member, a client, a prospective client or a business associate. A person is identifiable if the information provides the address, full name, phone number or similar information that could result in the person to whom the information pertains being contacted.


Despite Wridgways commitment to policies that protect the rights of individuals to privacy Wridgways will not accept liability for loss or damage resulting from the disclosure of information provided to Wridgways.

Collection of Information

Wridgways will only collect the information required in the normal course of business. As Wridgways is a removal business this may involve the collection of relevant detail about an individual’s personal belongings and travel arrangements.

At all times the collection of information will be visible and obvious to the individual to whom the information pertains. In other words, Wridgways will not collect information without the consent of the individual.

The Means of Collection of Personal Information include:

In all of the above cases Wridgways will endeavour to ensure that the informant understands why the information is being requested and that the information will be handled in accordance with this policy.

Note that Wridgways may use electronic means such as ‘cookies’ to make repeat visits to our web sites more effective for the web site users. However any information will be recorded for statistical purposes only and will not be used to establish the identities of the web site visitors. Web site visitors will only be identifiable if they choose to voluntarily enter their details into a provided web data entry form.

Use and Disclosure of Information

Primary Purpose

Wridgways will only use the information provided by individuals for the purpose required by its normal business operations. Wridgways will disclose the information to suppliers and business partners where the supplier and/or business partner requires the information in order to assist Wridgways in the provision of services for the customer.

Secondary Purposes

In the case of a Corporate Relocation (where an organisation arranges for the relocation of one of its staff) sufficient personal details to identify a relocating employee may be made available to the HR staff of the corporate client via our Corporate Web Site. This is done for the benefit of the Corporate Client in order to oversee and manage the moves that they have in place with Wridgways at a particular time.

Wridgways may also use the information to create mailing lists (e-mail, fax, postal or other) to make its customers aware of related services that they may benefit from. Wherever such mailing lists are employed Wridgways will ensure that the customer has the clear ability to request that they be removed from the list.

Retention of Information

Wridgways retains information collected on its customers in the course of its business dealings for the normal statutory period for the retention of such information. This ensures that in the event of an issue arising relating to a particular business transaction all relevant information for its resolution is available.

Data Quality

Wridgways will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information recorded about an individual is correct and up to date. Where an individual feels that information being held about them is incorrect and would like the information corrected then they should contact the Wridgways Privacy Officer (see below).

Data Security

Wridgways takes data security seriously and is constantly examining its systems and practices to identify possible avenues for unauthorised use of information and taking appropriate steps. Currently, Wridgways internal systems are protected by firewalls, VPN secure tunnels, password protection and physical security. Wherever information is collected via web site, passwords are used to protect information from unauthorised web based access.

Openness and Accessibility to Data

Where a customer has any concerns regarding information Wridgways may be storing or using they may request that copies of all information stored be provided by Wridgways. The requests should be made in writing or by e-mail to the Wridgways Privacy Officer (see below). The Wridgways privacy officer will endeavour to provide copies of the information within a reasonable time frame.

If a customer discovers that information held about them is incorrect or unnecessary they should contact the Wridgways Privacy Officer, preferably in writing. The Wridgways Privacy Officer will endeavour to have the corrections entered into the Wridgways systems within a reasonable time frame.


Where the information that is collected includes government or agency assigned file numbers, code or similar identifiers, such identifiers will not be used as such by Wridgways. Wridgways assigns its own identifiers to clients and prospective clients for its internal purposes. Government or agency assigned file numbers, code or similar identifiers are not collected, disclosed or used in any other way unless absolutely necessary to the provision of services to the customer by Wridgways.

Transborder Information Flow

In the normal case of its import and export operation Wridgways may need to provide information to businesses or agencies in foreign countries. Wridgways only provides such information as required by the foreign agency and makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that it is dealing with reputable businesses and agencies in it’s foreign dealings.

Sensitive Information

Wridgways will not collect and store sensitive information about its clients except where it has an immediate bearing on the provision of services. In such cases Wridgways will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information is not disclosed or stored unnecessarily.

Making Complaints

Any individual who feels that Wridgways has breached their obligations in relation to this Privacy Policy and or any other statutory requirement regarding privacy that may apply they should contact the Wridgways Privacy Officer (see below), preferably in writing (post or e-mail).

If an individual feels that they are not being dealt with effectively by Wridgways through the Wridgways Privacy Officer they have the right to approach the office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner with their complaints. Wridgways will endeavour to cooperate fully to resolve any matter brought to the attention of the commissioner.

Wridgways Privacy Officer

The Wridgways Privacy Officer can be contacted at:

Telephone: 613 9554 7300PO Box 4055, Dandenong South Vic 3164Email:

Shareholder Archive


Archived Reports & Media Releases


Annual Report
Full Year Report – Appendix 4E
Full Year Report – Media Release
Full Year Report – Chairman’s Statement
Half Year Report – Appendix 4D
Half Year Report – Media Release
Half Year Report – Chairman’s Statement


Annual Report
Full Year Report – Appendix 4E
Full Year Report – Media Release
Full Year Report – Chairman’s Statement
Half Year Report – Appendix 4D
Half Year Report – Media Release
Half Year Report – Chairman’s Statement


Annual Report
Full Year Report – Appendix 4E
Full Year Report – Media Release
Full Year Report – Chairman’s Statement
Half Year Report – Appendix 4D
Half Year Report – Media Release
Half Year Report – Chairman’s Statement


Annual Report
Full Year Report – Appendix 4E
Full Year Report – Media Release
Full Year Report – Chairman’s Statement
Half Year Report – Appendix 4D
Half Year Report – Media Release
Half Year Report – Chairman’s Statement


Annual Report
Full Year Report – Appendix 4E
Full Year Report – Media Release
Full Year Report – Chairman’s Statement
Half Year Report – Appendix 4D
Half Year Report – Media Release
Half Year Report – Chairman’s Statement


Annual Report
Full Year Report – Appendix 4E
Full Year Report – Media Release
Full Year Report – Chairman’s Statement
Half Year Report – Appendix 4D
Half Year Report – Media Release
Half Year Report – Chairman’s Statement


Annual Report
Full Year Report – Appendix 4E
Full Year Report – Media Release
Full Year Report – Chairman’s Statement
Half Year Report – Appendix 4D
Half Year Report – Media Release
Half Year Report – Chairman’s Statement


Annual Report


Annual Report


Annual Report


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Request a Callback Testimonials

Five Star Service: What our customers are saying...

Evan Terry

“We just completed our third move with Wridgways and were once again thrilled with the service. The consultants were highly professional, responsive, knowledgeable and helpful, the removalists were also highly professional…”

Review Stars

Evan Terry, Canberra, ACT

Susie Battistella

“Wow! Wridgways moved us yesterday. The 3 guys dis an amazing job, with 4 children in tow and moving houses after 14 years it could have been an unbearable experience but these 3 guys were so friendly, professional and efficient…”

Review Stars

Susie Battistella, Melbourne, VIC

Susie Alexander

“I have moved at least 6 time in the last 6 years and have never used Wridgways until now. Wow! They certainly took the stress out of moving. Staff were so personable, professional and very efficient. Nothing was ever a problem. They were so obliging and respectful of our belongings. Nothing was damaged. Trucks were punctual. I would not hesitate to move again now that I have experienced the assistance of Wridgways. I can’t thank you enough…”

Review Stars

Susie Alexander, Melbourne, VIC to Brisbane, QLD

Dianne Downer

“We have just moved with Wridgways for the first time. Our move from Perth to Adelaide was seamless, efficient and extremely friendly. The team in Perth packed our belongings with great care and efficiency as well has being a happy couple of blokes who enjoyed a laugh with us along the way. The team in Adelaide delivered our goods promptly and within the time frame nominated and once again we enjoyed the services of two very efficient chaps who also enjoyed having a joke and laugh with us. This made our experience very enjoyable. We would highly recommend Wridgways…”

Review Stars

Dianne Downer, Perth, WA to Adelaide, SA

“We have moved a number of times and never have I seen or experienced a more professional and courteous operation from the first call to quote through to today’s pack and uplift.
Your communication was clear, frequent and polite at all times. You really made everything easy and worked with us with everything. Very happy with your service so thank you. Your staff today were tremendous, always smiling and working very hard to get the job done. They introduced themselves and were mindful when packing not to just “throw things in a box” but took care on even the most mundane items like books and cards.

I was also very impressed to see the boss come around and check on things and meet me, that is a real plus that we haven’t had before but makes a difference showing our move was important.

We dropped the car and motorbikes off at CEVA and they knew exactly who we were which made it so simple so thanks for organising this as well.
All in all so far, very happy to recommend you to anyone.”

John Morgan, Karratha, WA to Woodvale, WA

“And they said there were no such thing as immigration gods!

A heartfelt thanks for all your efforts from myself, my wife and her family. Greatly appreciated were your efforts and for putting in time well and over the ordinary course.”

Geoff Selby

“Our experience was excellent, Wridgways moved us into Karratha and we were so impressed. We used them to shift out and we were impressed with the service from the phone call, visit on site for estimate, the price quoted and the packing on the day. We were so happy that we will now recommend Wridgways to friends. We would love to move with you again due to the great service we received. Malcolm’s great can-do attitude helps to make the shifting day much easier and relaxed.”

Solange Adad, South Hedland, WA to Karratha, WA

“Thank you very much for your email and for following up the concerns I had raised.

I am very impressed by your customer service and it has really left me with a very positive impression of my dealings with Santa Fe. I will absolutely be recommending you to friends and colleagues.”

Tara Hastings, Richmond, VIC to New Farm, QLD

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the professional manner with which your staff, Mal, Lisa and Ben conducted themselves during the two days of packing and loading my personal effects. Lisa and Ben took great care with the packing and I was very impressed with the work ethic that they both displayed. As explained to you the fridges / freezer got packed before I had a chance to wipe them out due to a bit of miscommunication, when Mal arrived yesterday there was no sign of any frustration or animosity and he didn?t hesitate to unload the furniture to get to the fridges / freezer so that I could clean them out properly, I am so appreciative of this as I?m sure that it would?ve been a mouldy mess at the other end had I not been given the opportunity to clean them out thoroughly.

Due to the experience I have had with your team I will definitely be recommending them to other potential customers.”

Brett Lewis, Karratha, WA Warrnambool, VIC

“The two packers/removalists arrived on time at 6:30am Saturday morning and worked quickly and efficiently to pack up the items I had carefully sorted into two different rooms for Sydney transport and for global shipment to San Francisco. I would commend this team highly and want to complement their courteous and careful manner in completing this portion of our relocation.

My appreciation to you and to Darren for a superb job and very clear paperwork to date.”

Helen Carreker, Melbourne, VIC to Sydney, NSW

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thanks very much for everything that was done to make our relocation back to NZ as smooth as possible.

At the beginning of the relocation I considered everything that could go wrong and I expected to have a few hiccups along the way. We have now unpacked all of the boxes and I can quite comfortably say that the entire journey has gone extremely well and I am really impressed with how you all worked together to ensure that our household goods all arrived safely back in NZ.

Thanks to you all and well done, we are really happy with the first class service and the support that you provided along the way.”

Pat Uhlenberg, Perth, WA to New Zealand

“I have been meaning to get back in touch with you to say thank you for the great service and all your assistance with our freight move back to Australia. We have been very busy unpacking and getting our home set up here in Brisbane.

I realise it is good to get feedback from your clients but I thought you would also appreciate knowing that I have also passed on my recommendation via Facebook. Thank you.”

Mark Reed, Peru to Brisbane, Australia

“Thank you for your ongoing professionalism and quality client services over the past couple of years – Wridgways are lucky to have had you at the helm in Geraldton. If there is such a thing as a Xmas Bonus – you certainly deserve it.”

Linda Butterly, Broome, WA to Denham, WA

“Thank you for your help to enrol my children in school as well as assisting us buying the school uniforms. We know you were totally exhausted as the things got delayed a bit and that led to a late lunch. Nevertheless, all went well as planned and surely that credit goes to you.

Myself, and family would like to thank you from bottom of our hearts for the help extended to us to get things done in a well ordered manner.”

Benjamin George, Relocation to Murrumbeena, VIC

“The air shipment has been well received yesterday morning. I must say I have been very impressed with the Wridgways coordination on the air shipment. Updates were provided on a near daily basis, very professional in providing information and setting expectations. Please convey my appreciation to the team in Perth for their excellence in service.”

Christine Teo, United States to Perth, WA

“Thanks for following up and for the well wishes! Susan has been doing a remarkable job since last week. I have been impressed with her communication especially. She also connected us with some showing on properties that are unlisted which is much appreciated.

Yes, we did find a property we love and really hope to get it. We are looking to Santa Fe and Susan?s expertise and negotiation skills to hopefully position us so we can get it.”

Lauren Wibholm, Elsternwick, VIC to Brooklyn, VIC

“Just wanted to thank you and your people for a great job packing and uplifting last week. Please pass on my thanks to the guys.

The packers were great and very careful with our possessions. This is our third move with you and we would not use anyone else. You have very helpful staff and genuine care about our possessions.”

Robert Peake, Gladstone, QLD to Aberglasslyn, NSW

“Jasmine Innes is a treasure. She has bent over backwards to accommodate our furniture guy on his late delivery. We seemed to reach a compromise which will allow him to deliver our container to leave as scheduled due to her efforts.”

Andrew Thomas, Perth, WA to United States

“Just wanted to say that the guys did a great job. Speedy, efficient and polite. I would recommend the company to anybody.”

Steve Perrin, Port Melbourne, VIC to New Zealand

“We are moving from Sydney to Darwin. We had our pre pack today and there was only one lady doing it. Lee, thank you for putting the hard work in packing us up yesterday. You need a big pay rise and paid holiday!! Update: had the removals guys over today… All I have got to say is well done!! Speechless.”

Trevor Domjahn, Sydney, NSW to Darwin, NT

“We were recently packed and moved by the Canberra team. They were great! Would definitely recommend and use them again.”

Kim Armstrong, Canberra, ACT

“In my move closer to my children. I am so very happy with the way the staff gave me a quote, packed, picked up and delivered my household of very special items I have collected in my life. Some were so fragile. Your team has made my move to this new house wonderful with all things just the same as they left my old house. Very grateful to you all. Cheers and Merry Christmas. Thank you.”

Carole Hart, Townsville, NSW to Sydney, NSW

“Excellent movers, on time and very flexible to fit ones needs,no stress even one bit!”

Chimfwembe Sakala, Brisbane, QLD to Perth, WA

“I had a very positive experience from beginning to end. They were cheap, reliable, on time, polite and efficient. Not a single breakage! I’m extremely pleased! I’m so very happy and thanks for getting my treasures here safely and so harmoniously!”

Tauri Huddlestone, Cairns, QLD to Melbourne, VIC

“We have just moved with Wridgways for the first time. Our move from Perth to Adelaide was seamless, efficient and extremely friendly. The team in Perth packed our belongings with great care and efficiency as well as being a happy couple of blokes who enjoyed a laugh with us along the way.

The team in Adelaide delivered our goods promptly and within the time frame nominated and once again we enjoyed the services of two very efficient chaps who also enjoyed having a joke and laugh with us. This made our experience very enjoyable. We would highly recommend Wridgways.”

Dianne Downer, Perth to Adelaide, SA

“Very happy to be in the final stage of unpacking all our freight from Peru. For any of you considering international moves, especially from Peru to Australia, we TOTALLY RECOMMEND Express Transports SA in Peru and Wridgways for the Aussie end. The service was brilliant at both ends, and all our stuff arrived safely.”

Mark Reed, Peru to Brisbane, QLD

“Absolutely fantastic service, outstanding and exemplary. The whole team were brilliant to deal with and understood all my needs and requirements for my move from Adelaide to Newcastle. Packing service provided was out of this world. All staff were extremely helpful and friendly. I will only ever use Wridgways because it’s the best and other removal companies could learn a lot from these guys. In my opinion this is the number 1 company in the industry. Couldn’t be happier.
Great customer service, leading industry company, knowledgeable and fabulous staff.”

Mick Rowen, Adelaide, SA to Newcastle, NSW

“From packing in Melbourne to storage in Perth for 2 years then delivery to my new home in Perth, the service and care has been excellent. Thoroughly recommended. Fast efficient service always.”

Jenny Oliver, Perth, WA

“I was very happy with the service I received, I would particularly recommend Mathew McPherson for his understanding attitude to my particular circumstances.”

Kathy Constantindis, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“I had absolutely fantastic service from the operations centre in Melbourne and the office I booked with in Queensland. In fact it was some of the best customer service I’ve had, which I told the Melbourne office at the time.”

Leanne Hermosilla, Brisbane, QLD to Melbourne, VIC

“Loading was very good. Courteous professionals who take best care of your precious things. Delivery was punctual relaxed and efficient. Overall brilliant. Customer care brilliant. Moving service brilliant.”

Marnie Harte, Albury, NSW to Perth, WA

“All staff were so friendly, efficient, caring of every one of our articles to be sent, no hassles, on time, just a great experience.”

Lynda Grosvenor, Newcastle, NSW to Perth, WA

“Wridgways provide experienced people and continuity of service, we had the same removalists when our furniture went to storage and when it was delivered finally.”

Hayley Manser, Perth, WA

“My Artwork and Gallery pieces arrived just fine, along with all of my many life collected items. Books, china, glassware, wood. Even outside Items such as rocks, collected over the years. Furniture which is both old and new. Very happy with the team of people who made my move closer to my children, not quite painless, but close enough. Thank you very much. I am delighted!
The service, before, during pick-up and delivery, I could not fault. All being friendly and accommodating.”

Carol Hart, Townsville, QLD to Sydney, NSW