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WridgWays is Making a Difference to the Future of the Reef

Celebrating a milestone

On 01 January 2019, WridgWays became once again a fully independent, and proudly 100% Australian locally owned and operated company.  Half a year, and a lot of hard work on, WridgWays today celebrates a fantastic first half profitable period by announcing a $10,000 gift to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

The ownership change at the start of the year has given WridgWays the flexibility and opportunity to not only revitalise the brand but also invest strongly in our own people, as well as directly back into Australia and our customers.  Our aim this year is to focus on our core business, and show Australians and our overseas partners that we are dedicated to providing the highest quality moving services to customers all over the country.

Importantly, over the last six months, WridgWays has reached a key milestone towards becoming a profitable business, thanks to the hard work of each and every member of the WridgWays team. “It was a team effort to achieve the results we have today, and everyone pulled together to achieve an excellent half year result” says Kobus Fourie, CEO of WridgWays.  Fourie continues, “none of our critics expected WridgWays to resurge this strongly and this quickly, and we are proud that we are able to prove the doubters wrong.”

Changes to the business

WridgWays has been refocused on our customers by streamlining our services to make the moving process simpler. We have stripped the business down to its core elements and have removed all non value-adding functions that are not supporting a ‘customer-first’ strategy.  Changes have also been made to the culture of the company to ensure that everyone working for WridgWays is dedicated to its success and feels valued as a member of our team.

We now have a really strong team that I am confident are well positioned to achieve our business goals, and ensure our people have significant and meaningful career opportunities within the organisation,” states Fourie. “Our people understand their value to the company, and they know that their contributions on a daily basis make a difference to the company and our joint success.”

The resurgent strength of WridgWays in Australia is clearly being noticed by our competitors, and we can see that anecdotally in recent negative selling activities occurring in the market by some of them. Fourie understands why they might feel that is a profitable short term strategy, but insists that, “at WridgWays that’s not something that myself or our leadership team will condone and all of our staff have been instructed very clearly that we will not be involved in negative selling – we are entirely confident in our product, and will let our customer service and quality of business speak for itself.”

Giving back to Australia

To celebrate the profitability of the company over the first half of the year (the best financial result in the last 10 years of operation of the company), WridgWays has made the decision to initiate an Australia focused CSR program.  WridgWays is proudly announcing today that their national CSR initiative will be focused on the iconic Great Barrier Reef, with a direct initial contribution to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation of $10,000. It takes considerable effort from everyone to reverse the cycle of deterioration on the reef and restore it to its natural beauty, and we hope that our contributions will assist with this goal.

“We are proudly Australian, and Australian customers are the backbone of our revenues, so we wanted to make sure that our CSR cause represented those stakeholders are clearly as possible, and we could not think of anything more appropriate than the iconic Great Barrier Reef to send that message to the world, and invest back into our country”, says Fourie.

Santa Fe Group sells the Records Management activities in 10 markets to Iron Mountain

3 August 2016: Santa Fe Group A/S has reached an agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding, with Iron Mountain Inc. whereby the Group’s Records Management activities in 10 markets will be acquired by Iron Mountain against a cash consideration of EUR 27.1m. The divestment is expected to result in a divestment gain of approximately EUR 16m and net proceeds after tax of around EUR 24m.

The transaction will predominantly take the form of an asset transfer and is expected to close towards the end of 2016.

The divestment is in accordance with Santa Fe Group’s strategy to focus on the core mobility services, consisting of the business lines Moving Services and Relocation Services, and divest the remaining non-strategic activities to create optimum value for the Group.

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WridgWays on Reno Rumble

WridgWays operates by moving and sharing containers to pretty well every part of the world! It so trouble-free and cost-effective! Have you noticed Santa Fe WridgWays on RenoRumble? Our highly professional teams have been having a blast & high time helping out on set for RenoRumble with all their moving requirements. Just have a quick look of our professional guys in action!

If you’re considering or planning a move, catch how to prepare and manage your move so you can save more. Well, here’s what you have to ask yourself to settle on if it’s better to hire experts or just perform it all yourself. Moving your home is an event that needs a lot of careful planning, then we recommend that you should consider this set of top practices, the moment you think of moving.

Santa Fe in Fidi Focus