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Removalists Canberra

Moving Australian Families since 1892

WridgWays removals Canberra

WridgWays has been operating in Canberra since 1959. Our highly experienced team of furniture removalists in Canberra boast a reputation of being one of the finest worldwide; we will deliver a service unlike any other you will receive in the removals industry. Whether you are moving to the next suburb, interstate or even overseas, you are assured of a stress-free move.

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Phone: 02 6297 5444
Address: 39-41 Endurance Avenue,
Queanbeyan, NSW 2620

Canberra Moving Experts

Prior to your move, your friendly Canberra moving consultant will take time to fully understand your moving requirements before tailoring a solution to meet your individual needs and circumstances. In some cases this means visiting your home and conducting a brief survey of your household items. Having a Canberra removalist team member determine precisely what needs to be moved in your home gives you an opportunity to address and resolve any concerns you may have regarding your upcoming move. Your WridgWays consultant will even provide you with great moving tips and a pre-removal checklist to ensure you feel like an organised mover and on-top of things leading up to your big move.

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Canberra Woman and Boy Painting

Moving to Canberra?

There’s always something going on in the city of Canberra; and the great thing is, everything can be reached within a 40 minute drive. And with housing choices ranging from sleek city apartments to family homes boasting large backyards, it’s easy to see why many people choose to live there.

If you are soon joining Canberra’s residents, then you need a quality removal specialist to ensure all your belongings are safely transported to your new abode. WridgWays is one of Canberra’s premium removalist companies and we have 125 years’ experience in making moves effortless and stress-free.

We pride ourselves on offering quick, efficient removal services, ensuring your goods arrive damage-free and on-time. We provide a range of products and services, with pre-move planning to suit your unique needs and the expertise to handle every aspect of your move, from pick up in your existing home to delivery and placement in your new home.

If you want to check out some key facts about Canberra, why not take a look at our interactive map of Australia?

Moving within Canberra

  • WridgWays has been operating in Canberra since 1959.
  • Our team of removalists in Canberra have developed a reputation of being one of the finest in the world.
  • Careful packaging procedures are carried out using secure and modern packing materials.
  • We are committed to meeting deadlines for every customer and guarantee your belongings will arrive at your new home in a timely manner.
  • If you like, we will unpack the contents of your cartons, set up your kitchen and organise the furniture in each room, leaving you to settle in to your new home from the moment you step through the door.
Couple moving within Canberra

Moving from Canberra

  • We are international moving experts with 96 offices across 47 countries. If you’re moving overseas, we’ll safely handle your precious belongings every step of the way.
  • We use advanced tracking and management systems to ensure we have full inventory of your possessions and know where they are at all times.
  • Our expert packing team will take care of your belongings; together, they have decades of experience in the transportation, shipping and storage of goods.
  • We have a large fleet of vehicles designed to handle any size move, whether you live in a small apartment or large home.
  • Our removal processes provide the greatest level of protection for your goods whilst they are in transport or storage. For extra protection, you can acquire insurance through us for a price that won’t break the bank.
Mother and child moving from Canberra

Moving services

When you are moving home, it isn’t simply enough to just take your possessions and move them to another home. There are a lot of other details that need addressing during your move, such as moving your pets, the insurance and cleaning. Our removalist teams are on hand to assist with all of these aspects of your move in Australia regardless of whether you are moving interstate, locally or even internationally.


If the unexpected occurs, make sure you’re protected.

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Secure Storage

Whether you need long term or short term storage, we have you covered.

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Let us make your move easy with our team of experienced packers.

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Settle into your new home without the stress, by using our friendly unpacking team.

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Make your next move a breeze and ask about our cleaning services.

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Vehicle Transport

From cars and bikes, to boats and more! We’ll move your vehicles wherever they need to go.

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Pet Transport

Give your furry friend a smooth transition to their new home with our range of pet relocation services.

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Santa Fe Connect

Give yourself a break and get all of your services connected in one place.

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