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Important information when preparing your BBQ for transport

Important information when preparing your BBQ for transport

WridgWays has been safely moving every type of household and furniture item since 1892. However, there are some items that require a little pre-move preparation, such as your trolley BBQ, in order to ensure the best move possible.


In order to assist you prepare your BBQ for transportation we suggest the following preparation steps, this also provides a great opportunity to clean your BBQ in readiness for use upon arrival at your new home.

1. Disconnect the gas cylinder


2. Gas cylinders cannot be transported unless it is completely gas free and empty and acertificate has been issued from a Gas Cylinder Test Station, stating it is empty


3. Disassemble ‘removable components’ starting with the removal of the hood, thenburners, grills, hotplate, side and drip trays and heat deflectors / heat rocks


4. Discard oily sand and other contents from the drip tray


5. If the plates and grill are dirty or fatty, clean with soapy water and leave to dry


6. Never use harsh cleaners on stainless steel instead use a soft cloth and soda water asthis will not scratch surfaces


7. Line a suitable carton with plastic and pack components


8. Clearly mark carton with your name and label with the word ‘BBQ’


9. WridgWays can supply a carton on moving day if required


10. Remember the first time you use your BBQ at your new home, turn all burners tohigh for 5-10 minutes, let the cast iron and rocks become very hot then turn the BBQ to low before wiping with oil before cooking. Enjoy!

For further information in relation to preparing your BBQ or any other information please do not hesitate to contact your nearest WridgWays removalists branch.

Moving House in the Rain? Make it easy with Tips from Santa Fe WridgWays!

So you’ve booked a removalist well in advance, the packing has started and the house will be cleaned and clutter-free all in preparation for the big day! But as moving day approaches mother nature decides to intervene; now you’re just going to have to move in the rain!

While it’s not an ideal situation, our experienced removal team deals with harsh weather constraints on a daily basis. So who else is better equipped to guide you through tips for moving in the rain than WridgWays? Follow these tips to make in the rain moving as painless as possible:

  1.        Ensure that you and your family/friends moving safely:

Everything will be more slippery than normal so remember to wear sturdy boots with a heavy tread.  Consider wearing gloves to give you that extra grip if you are planning on moving furniture and boxes around on the day.

  1.        Use the right removal boxes

Protecting your precious belongings is of course a priority, especially on a rainy day. Be careful what kind of boxes you use to pack and move your belongings. Boxes collected from supermarkets and fruit stores might lose their structure and ability to protect your items when they get wet.  Choosing purpose built removal cartons will ensure durability on the day and added protection for the items inside. If you will be moving some of the boxes yourself make sure to hold the boxes from the bottom for support, and keep them under shelter as much as possible.

  1.        Engage in the services of a professional removalist:

Your experienced removalists will be there on the rainy day to assist with all of the heavy lifting! We have been moving in the rain for over 120 years, so there’s no one better placed to handle your move with efficiency and care. Our experience, combined with our specialised packing materials, will provide the best possible protection to your precious belongings on a rainy day. Leave the hard work to us! (more…)

5 Tips for Furnishing your New Home!

Making a new home your very own is often the first and most daunting task faced when moving house. Whether your residence is a large four bedroom with multiple living areas or a small apartment in the city, it’s important to take the time to create a living space that is perfect for you. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll love to come home to a house tailored perfectly to your own style and taste.

We have listed five tips below for you to consider when figuring out what to take with you to your new or renovated home:

Interior of lounge room

  1. Organise what you do and don’t need – do you really need that urn from Nanna that doesn’t match the decorand that you’re too scared to touch in fear of breaking? Do you really need two sets of couches and TV cabinets now that you’re moving in together, or will it be more practical to store one of them? Asking yourself these sorts of questions will give you a much clearer idea of what will and won’t be coming across to your new home in the moving truck.
  1. Get rid of the things you don’t need – Sell or give to charity the items that can still be used. This is a great way to lessen the load! If still in good condition and worth selling, go for it! Or of course give to charity and help those in need. For items well passed their use-by date there’s always the trusty rubbish bin.


How To Reduce Removal Costs

Don’t get hit with unwanted moving costs

Would like to know how much removals cost? Moving house is not only demanding, but it is costly too. An excellent way to move home for a lesser amount of money is to learn how to reduce moving costs. We are providing tips on how to reduce those unwanted removal costs. We are making sure that you move does not affect your resources too much. Below is a look:-


How to reduce removal costs infographic

WridgWays Removalists  is an established localinterstate and international removalist with the years of experience necessary for a smooth, easy move. WridgWays Removalists  has 125 years of experience moving Australian families.

Our team of localinterstate and itnernational removalists are skilled professionals, who provide understanding and care. Our services include packing, unpacking, cleaning, vehicle transport, insurance, and much more! To discuss you next move find your nearest removalist branch here.

4 Easy Steps to Office Relocation

Office Interior

1. Start With the Basics – Ensure you’re very clear about the purpose of your office relocation. This could be a lease break, lease expiry, planned growth etc. This will assist you in defining your needs and planning the appropriate office move for your business. Big decisions that must be agreed upon prior to the actual relocation will form the basis of the planning process, including the details of the existing lease, your notice period and current obligations and liabilities.

2. The Earlier the Better – With so much to do, the earlier you start, the greater the chance of achieving the smooth office move your company needs and expects. We recommend reviewing potential new locations anywhere from nine to 18 months prior to your lease expiration regardless of whether you are considering renewing or relocating. This lead-time is vital in increasing the amount of leverage and competition between the various options, potentially resulting in savings for you too! Don’t begin the moving process without planning a realistic budget. That way you can keep track of costs and ensure you don’t spend any more than needed. WridgWays offers professional relocation planning assistance, working within ant sized budget! A moving office checklist outlining any tasks to undertake won’t go astray. Your WridgWays office movers can again provide this to you. (more…)

The Benefits of Using an Accredited Removalist Company

Moving house can often prove to be quite a stressful and emotional experience. The transportation of beloved possessions can often be straining and it is fair to say that nobody cares more for their belongings than the owner. AFRA Members logo

At WridgWays we wholeheartedly understands these feelings, and of course our customer’s concerns. As a registered member of the Australian Furniture Removal Association, you can experience complete peace of mind in knowing that your WridgWays removalist team will treat your goods with the same care and respect you would give yourself.

AFRA members, like WridgWays, are required to fulfil a strict criteria and Code of Conduct. The staff of AFRA affiliates have been fully trained by their organisation in accordance with AFRA’s stringent training criteria. Rest assured that when using an AFRA accredited company like WridgWays Removalists , your removalist team have been fully trained to the highest standard.


5 Tips to choosing a quality removalist

Moving house can be one of the most stressful events, so it is important to put your removal in the hands of reliable, professionals. As with everything, you will certainly get what you pay for and the cheapest option may cost you more in the long run, if you encounter damage or delays.

Consider the following tips to assist you in choosing a reputable removalists company:

1. Are they an accredited member of AFRA?

Australian Furniture Removals Association is an official body of removals experts that helps regulate the removals industry. AFRA accredits only those furniture removalists that have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training needed to complete a professional move. Ask your removal company if they are a member of AFRA and if they hold accreditations and other recognised professional memberships.

2. Reputation is everything

When looking for a removalist, consider these questions:

  • Is the company highly experienced with many years of moving experience?
  • Do they have multiple branches and offices to manage movements in all areas?
  • Are their vehicles fully branded, modern and in good condition?
  • Do they have an office in the area you are moving to, so you can deal with a local representative on arrival?
  • Can they move you door-to-door and offer storage if required?
  • Do they appoint one person for your personal point-of-contact throughout your move?

3. Get Recommendations

Ask your friends, family members and co workers about companies they have used in the past and you will soon gather a list of trustworthy removal companies. Check reviews about their credibility and ask for testimonials from previous customers.

4. Services

Consider the additional services you may require for your complete move. Do you need a professional carton packing service, house cleaning, pet transport, car transport or even a full unpacking service upon delivery? Perhaps even a handyman service to hang pictures, re-assemble playground equipment etc upon delivery.

5. Get everything in Writing

It is unwise to proceed with any removalists company if you do not have full terms and conditions and a detailed contract. Make sure that you obtain a no obligation written quotation and check all details are fully listed and all costs are clearly illustrated. Don’t risk unexpected charges or surprises on moving day.

WridgWays Removalists is an established localinterstate and international removalist with the years of experience necessary for a smooth, easy move. WridgWays Removalists has 125 years of experience moving Australian families.

Our team of local, interstate and international removalists are skilled professionals, who provide understanding and care. Our services include packing, unpacking, cleaning, vehicle transport, insurance, and much more! To discuss you next move find your nearest removalist branch here.



The 3 common moving mistakes and how to avoid them!

Mistake #1 – Leaving moving tasks until the last minute

Unless you are a seasoned mover, it is not uncommon to underestimate tasks that need to be done before the moving day, such as packing, planning, etc. The trick is to start early! Download our Moving Checklist and start checking off all the things you will need to get done. Try and start working through your to do list at least one month prior to moving day. Remember to dismantle or disassemble such items as trampolines, BBQ’s, swing sets etc well ahead of time. If you don’t wish to perform these tasks yourself, ask your removalist to provide a quote to have this done for you.

Preparing well-ahead of time for your removal will not only save you time but will also save your sanity and keep your stress levels to a minimum. A well-planned move will allow you to feel in control and enable you to remain calm and efficient leading up to and on your moving day. A good removalist company will guide you and support you during the planning stage and take control of your requirements on your scheduled pick-up and delivery days.

Mistake #2 – Using non-removal moving boxes

WridgWays has spent many years refining and perfecting our range of professional removal boxes and they are specifically designed for moving household goods. The carton range includes purpose-built boxes including; teachest size cartons that are ideal when packing kitchen plastics, toys, bedding and general goods. Book cartons, as the name suggests, are designed to hold books and are deliberately smaller to ensure minimum weight and perfectly shaped for this purpose. We have a further 10 carton styles in our range including Plasma TV cartons, Portable wardrobes, utility cartons and more to accommodate every household item you can imagine. If we feel a special or delicate item requires further protection, we will even build a wooden crate exclusively for this piece.

If packing non-fragile items remember to allow plenty of time for this task and remember to label every box with a brief content description and which room you wish the box to be placed upon delivery. This will save time for you and your removal team. Importantly when moving overseas, never use supermarket cartons that have been used for food stuffs as this may cause delays through Quarantine or Customs plus they are just not a good choice as above-outlined.

Mistake #3 – Using a non-accredited removal company

When it comes to moving your precious belongings and household furniture, securing the cheapest quote will not provide you with the premium service you need and deserve. Professional removalists such as WridgWays, spend time and money ensuring their removalists are trained and efficient on every removal, year in, year out. WridgWays proudly holds accreditation to and membership of numerous professional organisations such as AFRA (Australian Furniture Removals Assoc), FIDI, Australian and International Standards, Environmental accreditations and many more. Our high standards and professional accreditations are your assurance of a premium removal service from start to finish. Don’t compromise a stress-free professional move for the sake of a few dollars by using a cheap, unreliable moving van or company. It is simply not worth the risk and may leave you with out-of-pocket expenses if your goods are damaged or items are lost.

Ask you removal company if they hold accreditations and professional memberships, be sure they are reliable, and their staff members are professionally trained.

Contact WridgWays or freecall 1800 225 916