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Full Quote Important information when preparing your BBQ for transport

Important information when preparing your BBQ for transport

Wridgways has been safely moving every type of household and furniture item since1892. However, there are some items that require a little pre-move preparation, such as your trolley BBQ, in order to ensure the best move possible.


In order to assist you prepare your BBQ for transportation we suggest the followingpreparation steps, this also provides a great opportunity to clean your BBQ in readiness for use upon arrival at your new home.

For further information in relation to preparing your BBQ or any other information please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Wridgways office.

Pick Up Day

Pick Up Day

On pick-up day, we will accurately list each item of furniture and cartons, with details of the contents and, condition of the furniture onto our inventory and condition report.

Your furniture will be professionally wrapped to ensure maximum protection during transportation and be carefully packed into an overseas shipping container, either at your home or at our shipping warehouse. A numbered security seal is placed on the container prior to shipment to your overseas destination for added security and comfort.

Our labelling system makes it easier for you to find the items you need quickly when you arrive at your destination. If any items are being stored, the label also makes it easier to identify and access individual items in the storage facility.

Packers standing with Moving Boxes

Moving House Furniture

Moving House Furniture

Moving Australia

Imagine moving your furniture into your new home without the stresses or strains typically associated with moving house. Well, with our help you can. We have many, many years of home moving experience in every one of our branches across the country, so hassle-free service is never far away. Whether you want to move your furniture across the street or across the world, our professional removalists can help you get from A to B smoothly and safely.

Find out how Wridgways can help you make your next move. Get a quote or contact us now.

Want a fuss-free furniture moving experience? We have an extensive range of products and services to help you move home, with pre-move planning to suit your unique needs, and the expertise to handle the lot. No matter what kind of home furniture you want to move, we have the services and skills to help. Our low loss and damage ratio gives you peace of mind that you’re dealing with one of Australia’s most trusted removalists, so you and your furniture can benefit from our commitment to safety, wherever you are.

With branches and secure storage facilities located nationwide, we are never far away. So whether you’re moving to a new home in the next suburb or city, relocating within Australia or overseas, shifting a single carton or complete household, need short or long term storage services, Wridgways is here to assist. If you are planning your move and just need to know that your furniture is in experienced hands, Wridgways knowledgeable team can help.

Furniture Protection

Furniture Protection

Wridgways Furniture Protection

Protecting your furniture and larger items during your removal.

Your professional Wridgways Removal team will arrive at your home, fully equipped with specialised packing and wrapping material ready to go to work. They will wrap and protect your furniture and larger household items in preparation for efficient and safe transportation to your new home.

Like Wridgways, most professional, accredited removal companies include furniture and large item wrapping as part of their removal service. Professional blanket or export wrapping (determined by your destination) is used by your expert removalist team to ensure maximum protection to all surfaces during transportation, and also to provide a soft buffer between items ensuring your goods remain tight and secure during movement.

Furniture Protection – Specialised, firm-fit plastic covers are used to carefully cover your mattresses, lounge-suites, and other fabric furniture items. If you’re worried about your leather items, we have that covered too. Your removalist crew will use protective blankets or export wrapping material to reduce the likelihood of sweating, and increase breathability during transportation.

Export Wrapping – Our specialised, environmentally-friendly export wrapping materials are purpose-designed for long-distance, international moves. Your accredited international removalists are highly trained to utilise the most appropriate materials and packing methods. A variety of quality wrapping materials are used, including bubble wrap and blankets, protecting your appliances, electronics, furniture, beds and sofas for long distance moving.

Wridgways Crates

Dismantling – On the day of your move our highly trained Wridgways removalists will arrive with their tool kit, in order to correctly dismantle larger furniture items such as beds and tables. We do ask that other large items such as cubby houses, trampolines etc., are disassembled by yourself or a handyman prior to the arrival of your removalist team.

Assembly – Upon arrival at your new home, your caring removal team will assemble your basic, larger furniture items such as beds and tables, placing these items in the elected room.

Custom Crating – When we identify items that require a higher level of specialised care such as antiques, unusually shaped and delicate items, marble table-tops, mirrors, artwork and other particularly fragile items, we may recommend and commission the construction of a made-to-measure crate. Simply inform your friendly Wridgways moving consultant and they will organise this for you.

For further information please FREECALL 1800 225 916 and speak to a friendly Wridgways moving consultant today.

Moving services

When you are moving home, it isn’t simply enough to just take your possessions and move them to another home. There are a lot of other details that need addressing during your move, such as moving your pets, the insurance and cleaning. Our removalist teams are on hand to assist with all of these aspects of your move in Australia regardless of whether you are moving interstate, locally or even internationally.


If the unexpected occurs, make sure you’re protected.

Learn more

Secure Storage

Whether you need long term or short term storage, we have you covered.

Learn more


Let us make your move easy with our team of experienced packers.

Learn more


Settle into your new home without the stress, by using our friendly unpacking team.

Learn more


Make your next move a breeze and ask about our cleaning services.

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Vehicle Transport

From cars and bikes, to boats and more! We’ll move your vehicles wherever they need to go.

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Pet Transport

Give your furry friend a smooth transition to their new home with our range of pet relocation services.

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Santa Fe Connect

Give yourself a break and get all of your services connected in one place.

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Removals in Geelong

Removals in Geelong

Removals experts Santa Fe Wridgways, have been looking after the residents of Geelong for over 125 years.

125 years ago Santa Fe Wridgways’ removals transport included horses and carts, but today includes a fleet of trucks, trains and international transport delivering Removals solutions for Geelong citizens moving across the globe.

A city unto itself, Geelong is the second most populated city in Victoria having a population estimated at over 160,000 people. So, catering for the furniture removals needs of such a varied array of backgrounds is crucial to ensure the people of Geelong are given the removals experience they expect.

Furniture Removals to Geelong

From Cardinia Park to the Ford Motor Factory, Santa Fe Wridgways has Geelong covered whether moving to or from this great region.

For families moving to Geelong and needing a removals solution Santa Fe Wridgways has the people, information and expertise to assist you with your move. Whether you need information about local Geelong schools or temporary storage while the move is taking place, Santa Fe Wridgways consultants can assist you through out the process.

For removals and moving information, make sure to contact us today to see how we can make your move to or from Geelong, not only smooth, but an enjoyable experience.

Moving House in the Rain? Make it easy with Tips from Santa Fe Wridgways!

Umbrella on moving box

So you’ve booked a removalist well in advance, the packing has started and the house will be cleaned and clutter-free all in preparation for the big day! But as moving day approaches Mother Nature decides to intervene; now you’re just going to have to move in the rain!

While it’s not an ideal situation, our experienced removal team deals with harsh weather constraints on a daily basis. So who else is better equipped to guide you through tips for moving in the rain than Wridgways? Follow these tips to make in the rain moving as painless as possible:

  1.        Ensure that you and your family/friends moving safely:

Everything will be more slippery than normal so remember to wear sturdy boots with a heavy tread.  Consider wearing gloves to give you that extra grip if you are planning on moving furniture and boxes around on the day.

  1.        Use the right removal boxes

Protecting your precious belongings is of course a priority, especially on a rainy day. Be careful what kind of boxes you use to pack and move your belongings. Boxes collected from supermarkets and fruit stores might lose their structure and ability to protect your items when they get wet.  Choosing purpose built removal cartons will ensure durability on the day and added protection for the items inside. If you will be moving some of the boxes yourself make sure to hold the boxes from the bottom for support, and keep them under shelter as much as possible.

  1.        Engage in the services of a professional removalist:

Your experienced removalists will be there on the rainy day to assist with all of the heavy lifting! We have been moving in the rain for over 120 years, so there’s no one better placed to handle your move with efficiency and care. Our experience, combined with our specialised packing materials, will provide the best possible protection to your precious belongings on a rainy day. Leave the hard work to us! (more…)

5 Tips for Furnishing your New Home!

Making a new home your very own is often the first and most daunting task faced when moving house. Whether your residence is a large four bedroom with multiple living areas or a small apartment in the city, it’s important to take the time to create a living space that is perfect for you. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll love to come home to a house tailored perfectly to your own style and taste.

We have listed five tips below for you to consider when figuring out what to take with you to your new or renovated home:

Interior of lounge room

  1. Organise what you do and don’t need – do you really need that urn from Nanna that doesn’t match the decorand that you’re too scared to touch in fear of breaking? Do you really need two sets of couches and TV cabinets now that you’re moving in together, or will it be more practical to store one of them? Asking yourself these sorts of questions will give you a much clearer idea of what will and won’t be coming across to your new home in the moving truck.
  1. Get rid of the things you don’t need – Sell or give to charity the items that can still be used. This is a great way to lessen the load! If still in good condition and worth selling, go for it! Or of course give to charity and help those in need. For items well passed their use-by date there’s always the trusty rubbish bin.


How To Reduce Removal Costs

How to reduce removal costs infographic

4 Easy Steps to Office Relocation

Office Interior

1. Start With the Basics – Ensure you’re very clear about the purpose of your office relocation. This could be a lease break, lease expiry, planned growth etc. This will assist you in defining your needs and planning the appropriate office move for your business. Big decisions that must be agreed upon prior to the actual relocation will form the basis of the planning process, including the details of the existing lease, your notice period and current obligations and liabilities.

2. The Earlier the Better – With so much to do, the earlier you start, the greater the chance of achieving the smooth office move your company needs and expects. We recommend reviewing potential new locations anywhere from nine to 18 months prior to your lease expiration regardless of whether you are considering renewing or relocating. This lead-time is vital in increasing the amount of leverage and competition between the various options, potentially resulting in savings for you too! Don’t begin the moving process without planning a realistic budget. That way you can keep track of costs and ensure you don’t spend any more than needed. Wridgways Business offers professional relocation planning assistance, working within ant sized budget! A Moving Office Checklist outlining any tasks to undertake won’t go astray. You Wridgways office movers can again provide this to you. (more…)