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Full Quote Pet and Vehicle Transport

Pet and Vehicle Transport

Pet transport

Pet Removals

The issue of bringing your precious pet into Australia can be quite involved and requires serious consideration. The regulations pertaining to pet importation to Australia vary, depending on the country of origin.

Allow Wridgways to carefully plan and transport your precious pet anywhere worldwide. Wridgways relocation consultants can provide advice and reassurance every step of the way: Email us

Information on importing dogs and cats into Australia, including information sheets, quarantine fees, application process, approved countries, and quarantine accommodation is available from the  Department of Agriculture.

Vehicle Transport

Vehicle and Transport Removalists

When importing a vehicle into Australia, you are required to obtain an import permit from the Department of Transport & Regional Services in Canberra, Australia.

You must apply for and be granted the permit before shipping the vehicle to Australia. Under no circumstances should you make arrangements to ship your vehicle until you are absolutely sure you have been granted this import permit. It is now an offence to ship a vehicle to Australia without the required permit.

Please note that 15% duty will be payable on the vehicle plus 10% GST calculated on the Australian Customs value of the vehicle, transport and insurance costs. Also 25% luxury tax may be applicable for vehicles. These duties/taxes will be required to be paid to Australian Customs before they will release the vehicle.

Further information is available from the following websites:
» Dept of Infrastructure and Transport
» Information on Importing Vehicles into Australia

Wridgways Moving Services:

International Mover – WridgWays:

Your International Movers of Choice

International Movers

Among the long list of arrangements and considerations to be made when moving overseas, stressing about the move itself shouldn’t be one of them. That’s where Wridgways come in, we are the best when it comes to international movers. Allow us take the hassle out of moving overseas. With over 85 years’ experience in the removals industry we are the first and finest international movers in the business. Contact us before you start making your moving arrangements, you’ll be amazed at how much of the process we can handle for you.

Each year tens of thousands of individuals choose and trust Wridgways as their international movers because of the peace-of-mind we bring; knowing your precious household belongings will be completely taken care of every step of the way with door-to-door control from the world’s premium international mover.

At Wridgways we understand that moving to a new country involves far more than just moving your household furniture. That’s why we have a wide-range of relocation services on offer to assist in making the international transition easier, including professional packing, cleaning your house when you leave, and managing the safe and secure transport of all your household treasures, as well as insurance, customs clearance, and even unpacking each carton at the other end.

Wherever in the word you are moving, we will ensure you and your prized possessions arrive safe and sound. Part of the Santa Fe Group, Wridgways combine with Interdean and Santa Fe to deliver professional moving services across 52 countries equipped with our highly trained, helpful staff conveniently located in 122 offices worldwide.

Comprehensive International Movers

Wridgways will cover every aspect of your international move.

Professional International Wrapping:

International Moving Services

Arriving promptly at your residence, your highly trained removalists will get the packing and wrapping done in a minimum of time. Our removalists are experts in securely packing goods for transport, shipping and storage; protecting your belongings from damage during the move to your new destination. Utilising Wridgways specialised, environmentally-friendly international wrapping materials, purpose-designed for long distance, international moves, your precious appliances, electronics, furniture, beds and sofas will all be wrapped securely and taken care of.

International Moving Services

Prompt and Secure Sea Freight and Airfreight Delivery

Via many main ports of the world Wridgways provides a complete door-to-door moving service. Our wide range of airfreight and sea freight transport options can be tailored to suit each individual relocation, based on your personal time constraints and individual budget.

Pet and Vehicle Movers:

International Moving Services

When it comes to your treasured pets and vehicles, trust Wridgways to carefully plan and arrange this for you too. Wridgways relocation consultants will provide advice and reassurance about your pets every step of the way, working closely with the finest pet transport carriers in the industry. Want to take your car, truck, motorbike or boat with you overseas? Simply let us know and we will take care of all the paperwork and transport logistics. Our vehicle transport specialists will make sure your vehicle(s) arrive on time, as expected, and ready to help you explore your new home and country.

An Accredited International Mover:

Wridgways are fully accredited International Movers and proudly members of:

This means we not only have years of moving experience, but the necessary equipment, transportation methods, premises and staff training needed to complete a professional international move.

If you want to move overseas with complete peace of mind, enjoying a complete door-to-door service from an experienced and professional removal team then Wridgways is the right choice. Contact us for more information today.

Vehicle Transport

Vehicle Transport

Whether needing to move your car, motorbike, boat or other vehicle, our reliable transport professionals make it easy to relocate securely and on time from coast to coast or around the world. Plus, our specialised equipment keeps your vehicle safe, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Using only the finest vehicle transport specialists in the industry, WridgWays will arrange a complete door-to-door vehicle transport service to any location, nationwide or overseas. Specialised, modern fleet are perfectly suited to safely transport your car, motorbike, boat or other vehicle. This extends to vehicle shipping requirements. Leave all of the paperwork and transport logistics to us. Our vehicle transport specialists will make sure your vehicle(s) arrive on time, as expected, ready to let you settle into your new home.

If you’re looking for that extra special service for your luxury car when moving house, specially designed VIP luxury transporters are available. Simply ask your friendly moving consultant for more information.

Simply let your professional WridgWays moving consultant know that you require vehicle transport and we will organise the rest! We can even arrange insurance for your vehicle during transport or when in storage.

8 tips to packing for your move

When it comes to packing, being faced with boxing up your entire house with a looming deadline can be a very daunting process! But never fear, we have a few ideas and words of advice to assist keep your stress levels at a minimum:

Hire a Professional if possible – The obvious answer is to hire the carton packing services of a professional removalist company like WridgWays! Our skilled packers can pack the entire contents into cartons in one day! But don’t try this at home, these girls and guys have been professionally trained and pack fragile and non-breakable items into boxes every day and it is what they do better than anybody else. If you can’t afford to pay for a full pack, consider having the professionals pack your fragile items only. This consists of glassware, ornaments, electricals, pictures and anything breakable. Keep in mind that anything you self-pack may not be eligible for insurance cover.

Plan – Regardless of whether you are packing part of all of your belongings, be sure to start as soon as possible. Devise a plan and set dates against each room or area. In your plan include set dates to pack each room and work room-by-room. Start with the drawers and cupboard contents you use least. The key is getting organised early and allowing plenty of time to complete the process. This will help keep your stress levels to a minimum.

Clear out unwanted items – Start getting rid of all the things you don’t intend to take with you to your new home. It’s a great opportunity for a fresh start plus will save you time and energy moving it to the new home. Unwanted items can be donated via a cool website called or of course sold using EBay or the good old-fashioned garage.