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Commercial relocation services

Taking your commercial enterprise to new places

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Get back to business with commercial relocation services

WridgWays specialises in a range of commercial relocation services. Our goal is to unravel the complexity of your move, allowing you to get on with working in a new environment.

We can handle all aspects of your commercial enterprise relocation, from early planning stages, through to disposal management of furniture, fittings and equipment no longer required.

Our commercial services include:

  • Government facility relocation
  • Health facility relocations
  • Education institution relocations
  • Warehouse complex relocations
  • Hotel and restaurant fit-outs and relocations
  • Interstate multi drop deliveries

For a full summary of our commercial relocation and fit-out services, download it here.

Professional commercial relocations with WridgWays

Your commercial enterprise can benefit from decades of logistical innovation, coupled with superior customer service — all brought to you by WridgWays.

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Moving Services

Our moving services can be booked and coordinated for you. With one provider taking care of your relocation, the whole process becomes seamless.

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Global Coverage

Our global network of removalists extends to 47 countries. We can help you manage customs, quarantine, and immigration, no matter the destination.

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125+ Years Experience

WridgWays has unrivalled experience in the commercial relocation and fit-out sector. We pride ourselves of being innovators and leaders in our industry.

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With our relocations insurance, you can rest assured that your commercial enterprise is always in the safest hands. We will always take the greatest care of your goods.

Commercial services industries


We understand that moving government facilities can be a potentially sensitive operation. We will always ensure that information is protected, goods are well are cared for, and everything is relocated as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Corporate removals


The nature of professional commercial enterprises means that they are complicated and multiform. We are here to navigate these complications on your behalf. We will ensure that all of your assets are swiftly relocated, whether they it’s the boardroom or the mail room.


Mining businesses are large commercial enterprises that require special attention when being relocated. With decades of experience in the commercial field, WridgWays has the expertise your mining company needs to move with less stress and minimal downtime.

Mining equipment removalists

Health removalists


Health care enterprises often hold expensive and delicate equipment. WridgWays can help commercial health businesses move from place to place safely and securely. The assets of your healthcare business will always be protected by our comprehensive relocations insurance.


Education facilities require structure to function effectively. WridgWays understands this, and can help your educational enterprise resettle with little disruption. With our comprehensive service and outstanding customer service, learning can resume as usual.

Education removalists

Manufacturing removals


Warehouse complexes are often full of specialised moving parts. WridgWays’ superior manufacturing relocation service will ensure that every piece of the puzzle is exactly where it needs to be, allowing the business to get on with work sooner.


Hospitality is a sector that is always changing. Moves and fit-outs are common, and require the attention to detail of a professional relocation service. With our complete end-to-end process, WridgWays can facilitate your hospitality transition with ease.