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Employee Relocations

Trust the experts for employee relocations

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Make the move as stress free as possible for your employees

WridgWays provides expert services to handle all aspects of personnel relocations. We help your employees work, live, and thrive in new places around the world.

Our employee relocation services include relocation and assignment management, immigration, destination services programs, and moving services. No matter where your employees are moving to, we can help.

Get expert advice on employee relocations.

We make employee relocations simple

Your employees are your most valuable resource, so you need to make sure personnel relocations go smoothly. That’s where we come in.

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Relocation Services

We can help your employee bring all their belongings to their new home. We handle every aspect of the move, including transport and logistics, storage, and customs and quarantine.

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Global Coverage

We have helped over 44,000 people with visa and immigration cases every year. No matter where your employees are moving to, we can help.

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125+ Years Experience

We have a long history and we’re on the cutting edge of technology and innovation in the industry. We have proprietary systems and processes to ensure your personnel relocation goes smoothly.

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Immigration Experts

We handle all of your immigration requirements including visa applications and compliance. We will ensure all the details of your international employee relocations are done correctly.

Pioneering the removals industry

WridgWays has a long and storied history of innovation in the removals industry. Since our beginning in 1892, we have always pioneered new services and practices to become the most trusted name in removals.

We now have hundreds of trucks and thousands of employees all across Australia, and our team has helped millions of people move nationally and around the world. We’re your moving specialists.

Employee relocation services

We provide end-to-end employee relocation services. No matter where your employees are going, we can get them there.

We make your personnel relocations go smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I ship?

Typically your company will have a policy surrounding what you are able to ship. This is usually dependent on the destination. It’s probably best that you discuss this with your HR or Global Mobility Specialist to get a greater understanding of your allocation.

How will our shipment move?

This is very much dependent on where you are going. As a majority of relocation of goods are done within shipping containers. The safest mode of transport interstate is by train. Your items will be moved to the closest depot and one of our trucks will deliver to your new home. Overseas relocations will be taken by ship to the closest port in your new country. Then on train to the closest depot.

Do you have storage for goods that I won't take with me?

Yes, we do have storage facilities at all our our major branches and can store items while you’re away on your new assignment.

Can I take my pet with me?

Yes, we have partners who specialise in pet transport. As part of your relocation we can take your pet both within Australia or around the world. Keep in mind that there can be some quarantine protocols by different country so its best to find out what these are before your move.