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De-clutter Before You Move

Moving house is the perfect time to get organised and declutter, sell and dispose of any unwanted items! Even if you’re moving to a larger home with more space, streamlining will help revitalize your life and provide a fresh start in your new home.

It’s never too early to begin clearing out the clutter and typically, the longer you live somewhere, the more clutter you gather! To make the process less overwhelming, just take your time; begin a month or so in advance and go through your home one room at a time. It may be hard to ask yourself the often excruciating question: “do I really need this?” But rest assured, once all of these difficult decisions are made and extraneous belongings removed; both packing and unpacking will be much faster and easier.

Organised lounge room after de-cluttering

So here’s a room-by-room guide to get you started:

Kitchen – start with your kitchen appliances; seek out old, broken or unused items. If you haven’t used an appliance in the past 12 months, let it go! Next check your plates, pots and pans. If it’s broken, chipped or cracked, throw it out. Finally, go through your cookbooks. When was the last time you used them? Consider getting rid of old ones and any you have never used. Now there’s the kitchen drawers, including cutlery and the bits n bots drawer, go through one at a time and dispose of the items you simply no longer need or use.

Pantry – clear out any out-dated food cans, jars, spices etc. Half empty containers of food and stale snacks can all go too! Remember your removalist can’t pack or move open bottles of liquids so give them to a neighbour or move them yourself.

Dining room – old, unused or damaged dining ware, china and glassware is a good place to start. If you have any stained linen like table clothes or runners, add these to your purged pile. Keep an eye out for any broken or damaged artwork also.

Lounge Room – old ornaments, nick-nacks and damaged items can be quickly discarded. Outdated picture frames and wall hanging features are always welcomed items at your local Op Shop too. The old favourite CD’s and DVD’s can be recoded to your iPod and make ways for new music purchases. When it comes to movies; if you don’t love it, let it go. Try listing them on eBay or adding them to your give-away pile or hold a garage sale before you move. Consider selling unwanted video games and kids electronic hand-held game devices to gaming stores; you may be surprised at how quickly your funds grow from the sale of your unwanted goods.

Home Office – unnecessary and out-dated bills, statements, books, receipts etc. can accumulate very quickly in your home office and take up valuable space. Now is the perfect time to go through and purge! Take time to copy and scan paperwork that you may require later down the track. The newspapers you haven’t had a chance to read, the magazines you haven’t made time to enjoy, need to go. Broken stationary and old files tend to remain in the office longer than they need to.

Bedrooms – we understand the sentimental attachment often made to clothing or your old favourite pair of shoes; but outgrown or unused clothing and shoes really should go. You will appreciate a de-cluttered wardrobe in your new place, and someone else might get great use out of that jumper you haven’t worn in the past year. Sort through your children’s broken or unused toys. Last but not least; don’t forget any clutter hidden under the bed.

Bathrooms – keep an eye out for expired medicines which can build up in the bathroom closet. Spend some time going through the clutter which can accumulate under the sink and don’t hold onto old ratty linens like face towels and handtowels; there’s nothing better than fresh new towels. Make-up that has been opened for more than 6 months has typically seen its best days. Be ruthless and let it go!

Garage or Shed – this can often be one of the hardest areas to clear, as it is where all the ‘bits and pieces’ lie. Begin by attacking one shelf or corner at a time. Look out for any old cans, broken or unused gardening tools, nails and hardware tools and junk which is lying around to remove. Remember oil cans, paint, kerosene and any flammable items cannot be moved by your removalist. For a detailed list of Items Ineligible for Removal click here. Purging your items doesn’t necessarily mean throwing them in the bin! You might choose to donate to charities, give away or sell them to make a profit.

Donating your possessions to charities like the salvos will mean they are put to good use. Most charities will be only too happy to accept donations of goods in a reasonable condition. Alternatively, you might want to give your belongings away to family and friends, where you know they’ll have a new home. Ziilch is a great website you can use to give away just about anything from phones to antiques for free. Visit and start uploading photos of your items today.

If you have goods in good to excellent condition and prefer to sell your belongings, try online sites such as eBay or Gumtree. Gumtree is eBay‘s free community-style listing, so you won’t be charged service fees. There are still some people that don’t like using the internet so try local advertisements like local newspapers, community magazines and local notice boards.

For more helpful hints regarding your upcoming move visit our world of moving at or contact us on Freecall: 1800 225 916 today!