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DIY Real Estate Photography in 5 Easy Steps!

A photograph is the first impression a potential buyer has of your house, influencing their decision to view it, or continue hunting through the list of potential properties. A will engage more potential buyers than showcase your home for best impact.

Tips for Perfect Real Estate Photography:

  • Reduce the clutter – This is probably the most important factor, an organised house tells buyers you take care for your home and makes any room look bigger. Ensure your rubbish, washing, dirty dishes or any hanging wires are kept out of view before taking the shot. Remove any items that appear to clutter or cause spaces to look cramped. Get rid of magnets and other items hanging off the fridge. Remove dish liquids, tea towels, soaps and plugs. Place garbage bins, brooms and mops and cleaning products out of sight. De-cluttering each room as well as a thorough clean will make the world of difference; a bigger and brighter home will be on display to potential buyers.
  • Outside – For a great first impression, remove cars from the driveway and do not to park at the front of the house. Move garbage bins away, out of sight from the street. Remove garden tools, hoses and sprinklers. Mow and rake the yard. Finally give your driveway and sidewalk a good sweep.
  • Add some variety – People love seeing a range of interior and exterior shots, so be sure to include a collection of both. Remember to showcase the story points and its best features.
  • The lighting – This might sounds obvious, but make sure the photos are good quality with the help of good lighting. Ensure your house is well lit with either natural or interior lighting. A photo of your property late in the evening with interior lights on can also look stunning.
  • Get help from professional – Consider the benefits of using a professional photographer on an occasion like this. A professional photographer will ensure your property looks its best in order to achieve the best possible result; a sold home at the specified asking price!

“Professional photos are just as important as advertising the property’s address, quality first class tenants would be lost without them.” Tim Ash, Director TTS Real Estate.

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