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Do I really need to take out insurance when moving house?

At WridgWays we encourage all of our clients to take out some kind of moving insurance policy to ensure complete peace of mind throughout the moving process. We treat your possessions with the same care you would, and as such will do our absolute best to warrant that your effects will arrive at their destination in the same condition in which they were collected. However due to factors out of our control, or even accidental damage or loss, we highly recommend insurance and of course, the security that comes with it.

Don’t you have your own cover and isn’t insurance automatically included?

Reading the transit insurance documents carefully Unfortunately, there are some circumstances where any possessions damaged or lost will not be liable for cover, and it is important to note that no automatic insurance cover is included. Goods damaged or lost due to circumstances out of the hands of WridgWays, such as storm, fire or accident not in our fault will not be accountable. To fill this void, Customer Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance is available as well as a series of covers that can be tailored to your individual needs.

In order to value your goods requiring insurance we recommend using your Household Contents Insurance valuation as an indicator.

Will I be covered for insurance if I pack my own cartons?

Only a restricted policy can be offered should you choose to pack your own cartons. 

Can I assist the removalists to load the truck?

Sorry guys, but we can not allow you to assist in the loading of the truck and after-all that is why you engage the expert and professional moving services of WridgWays Removalists to leave the hard work to us! Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover your health and safety in relation to loading of your goods, so please save your energy and leave the professional loading to your qualified WridgWays removalists’ team.

WridgWays Removalists  is an established localinterstate and international removalist with the years of experience necessary for a smooth, easy move. WridgWays Removalists  has 125 years of experience moving Australian families.

Our team of localinterstate and international removalists are skilled professionals, who provide understanding and care. Our services include packing, unpacking, cleaning, vehicle transport, insurance, and much more! To discuss you next move find your nearest removalist branch here.