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Exciting Visitors


The past month at Santa Fe Australia has seen a great number of exciting visitors from our Global Head Office, with more to come in the next few weeks.

Barbara Zesik and Sarah Horn both arrived on Monday the 8th of February and we were privileged to have Barbara working out of Head Office during the week that she was with us. Sarah has been working out of Melbourne Branch but visiting other branches during her stay, and will be here with us in Australia for close to a month.


Barbara has been with Santa Fe for almost two years, and in her role as Global Chief Human Resources Officer she has been instrumental in overseeing the Great Place to Work Survey across all of Santa Fe, the results of which she has begun to share with our Australian team. Barbara was involved in the presentation of our Inaugural First Class Service Award Annual winner last Friday, and enjoyed meeting each of our monthly winners from 2015 and recognising the great work that these dedicated Santa Fe employees do. Additionally, Barbara provided the team with updates on Pulse, our values, our global transformation and much more, working closely with our HR team and Australian Leadership Team to help shape the company’s focus on people as part of our 2020 strategy.


Sarah’s role as Group Change and Transformation Manager has seen her assisting the Australian Leadership Team (ALT) with its Strengthen the Core initiative, as well as our internal communications strategies including Yammer and Skype for Business. We have heard from you that we need to communicate more, and Sarah will be integrally involved in supporting this. Working closely with the ALT, Sarah is an invaluable resource and will be focussing on helping to maximise the potential of Pulse and Project Oyster as our company moves forward with these exciting new initiatives. Sarah will be heavily involved in further honing our 2020 strategy, and will also play a part in ensuring we improve our employees’ sense of belonging at Santa Fe.


You may also be aware that our Global Group Director of Sales and Marketing, Mark Burchell (pictured above), spent the last few weeks of January with us in Melbourne. Mark’s expertise has been extremely valuable in helping both our Consumer and Corporate Sales teams plan for success in 2016 and beyond, while also observing some of the things that we do really well here in Australia.

Finally, Rob Fletcher, who is our Global Group Director of Relocation Services, will also be here in mid-March specifically helping our Relocation Services and Corporate Sales teams to plan for success as we continue to evolve in these areas.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate that as a Global organisation, Santa Fe is committed to success, not only here in Australia, but also globally. These visits underpin the differences between us and many of our competitors.

We trust you have been making these members of our Global team feel very welcome during their time in Australia, and we look forward to sharing their progress with you throughout their stay.