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Expats attracted by the relaxed Aussie way of life!

beach huts in Melbourne Australia is certainly in the running for the Perfect Expatriate Location title, according to recent findings. A steady stream of arrivals dominated by British, Europeans and Asians have cited their choice for their next corporate assignment ‘Downunder’ largely due to the Australian culture and relaxed attitude to life.

Expats relocating to Australia look forward to a lifestyle driven by outdoor pursuits, a variety of landscapes and lifestyles and rich with elements of multi culturalism. What appears to be a refreshingly laid back approach to work and life, while the rest of the world seems to be gaining speed, and hobbies are giving way to increased working hours.

The Australian Government places a high premium on skills and enforces stringent measures to keep Australian Immigration levels under control. This ensures that while Australia is a popular destination for expatriates, this strict screening process selects those professionals with the skills desired to keep the economy in good health, maintaining a high quality of life for its citizens.

So if you are considering your next assignment in the ‘Land Down Under’, then speak with Wridgways.