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Fiji Update


There has been a lot happening in our Fiji office in recent months, with Sydney Branch Manager visiting the team to work with them in our constant effort to deliver the highest levels of service to our customers.

Those of you who have read his Yammer posts surrounding the trip, will know that he spent the week conducting training with Div Pillay from MindTribes. He was excited to see the great work that the team is doing, with excellent efforts consistently being shown. The training was primarily based on cultural differentiators and how to sell to the Australian Consumer. He wanted to give special thanks to Martha Wedlock for the warm welcome and the whole team for giving him such a great experience during his visit.


After Petar’s visit, Fiji team member Fazeelat Dean joined our Melbourne team, providing her with a great opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and skills members of our Australian team.

Fazzy sent through a report on her trip for us to share with the team once she had returned to Fiji…

“It was quite a great experience during my stay in Melbourne. Allowed me to experience the basics of the removals industry. Alison Long had organised my schedule for the first 2 days which allowed me to go on site visitation with Dale. I also went to deliver some cartons with him, did happen to visit a pre-pack and uplift as well. It was a great experience in seeing how the removalist are so efficient in how they pack the items and have them loaded into the container.

Jesse tagged me along for some home surveys. It’s amazing to see how efficiently he is able to work out the volume and get everything updated on his tablet. Did have a few sightseeing with Jesse to Mount Martha. We did go check out the Australia beach. Thankful to Alison, Dale & Jesse for organising my schedules and taking me along with them. Sales force seems to be a fairly good system to use. Really looking forward to the final outcome. Overall, this visit has made a clear understanding of the processes involved.”

Christmas at Mindpearl

In early December we sent over some very special Christmas hampers for team leader Martha Wedlock to hand out to all of our hardworking Fijian colleagues. In return we were sent a great series of photos of the team receiving their gifts and looking pretty happy about it too! Thank you to everyone in our Fiji Branch for everything you have done for us in 2016, and we look forward to another great year in 2017.