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Find Your Ideal Suburb in 3 Easy Steps!

So you’ve decided it’s time to move house. Choosing a suburb that’s going to best suit your new lifestyle, wants and needs can be a complicated process. Whether it’s the bustling city lifestyle, relaxing beachside or suburban home that is taking your fancy, the below tips will help to identify exactly what you’re looking for in the search of your ideal suburb.

  1. The Neighbours – The neighbourhood of the area you wish to move into should be given some serious thought. Would you prefer to live in a closely-knit community where residents get together in local parks for barbeques? Or perhaps you live a very busy lifestyle and prefer your neighbours stop to say a quick “Hello” before going about their daily business. Be sure to check demographic trends and property values in the area to make sure it’s the right fit for you. All are significant elements to take into consideration, as the resale value of your home can be largely affected by the quality of your neighbourhood.
  2. Consider Key Factors –Begin by pin-pointing the key factors wanted in your ideal home surroundings – are you looking to start a family in the near future? Do you need a home close to schools and parks for your children and pets? Ease of access to public transport? Mountainous or oceanic views? All of these questions are important to consider when looking for the ideal area for your new home.
  3. Making the Choice – Your choice of suburb will determine the availability and access to schools, shops, public transport, dining and entertainment!

There are typically four distinct suburb categories:

If you’ve now made it to that exciting stage of planning to move to your new home, why not check out our Moving Checklist?