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First Class Service Awards


In this edition we recognise the winners for both June and July, for their incredible contributions to our business, and to the teams with whom they interact on a daily basis.

Congratulations to Neal Smith from Rockhampton for the month of June, and to Kristie Magazinovic from Melbourne for the month of July.


Neal was nominated by four of our employees…

Nicole Bartley from Rockhampton Branch said:

Neal has been assisting in Townsville whilst we are in the process of recruiting new staff. He has left his family behind a number of times without question. Neal is always working at his highest ability not only trying to assist Townsville but also helping Rockhampton and Cairns. Neal has absolute pride in what he does and how the company performs hence his no questions asked attitude. I couldn’t think of a more deserving winner –
P.S I’m going to be in trouble when he s
ees this because he hates the attention.

Justin Howden from Rockhampton Branch said:

Neal has been back and forwards between our Rockhampton and Townsville branch over the last couple of months, spending weeks away from the comfort of his home and the love of his wife. During the time Neal was away, I’ve been placed into the office to fill the void and Neal has been more then helpful and patient with any question I needed answered. Neal stands out and thrives in every aspect of his position, and others.

Adrienne Montague & Adrianne Sullivan from Brisbane Branch said:

Neal is a hard-working individual who knows how to get the job done quickly and effectively. He works well as a part of a team and can function as a leader when required. He is always extremely helpful and highly respected by colleagues, customers and management.


Kristie was nominated by three of our employees…

Jaime from Melbourne Branch said:

Over the past few months Kristie has taken on the role of helping out everyone in our time of need, especially the Sales team. She has been a tremendous help and has helped us achieve our targets and goals. Whilst assisting sales she has also been appointed to train the new export staff too, and then also still does her regular operations work in her “spare time.”

Alison Long from Melbourne Branch said:

Kristie has been fantastic with her never ending help with quite frankly everything!  She has been taken out of her actual role to assist in the training and guidance of other departments.  She has been extraordinarily flexible and always, ALWAYS taken the time to answer everyone’s questions.  Kristie has taken all of this in her stride and has not only assisted us 100% but also remained a constant go to for the Operations Team.  Kristie is a valuable employee and always willing to impart her knowledge to benefit others.  All of this combined with a good dash of humour I believe makes Kristie a perfect candidate for this award.

Sharron Barnes from Melbourne Branch said:

Kristie has been an amazing support during my training in Internal Sales. Kristie shows enormous talent in multitasking and her willingness to share her knowledge of the industry is appreciated.


Congratulations to these two very worthy winners, and to all of the nominees for the past two months who have gone above and beyond in their service to our company. Well done everyone!


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