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First Class Service Awards


The winners for October are, Simon Delmo from our Melbourne IMMS team and Maddison Howe from our Sydney/Move Dynamics team.

They are both outstanding and deserving winners, going the ‘extra mile’ for our Customers and People.

Simon is our first employee to be a repeat winner having won previously in December 2015. For those of you who read “Our Customers Say” every month, you’ll note Simon is one of our most acknowledged employees!

Maddi was chosen by the Selection Committee for an outstanding personal contribution to our Great Place to Work Program across not only our Sydney branch and Move Dynamics business – but across the whole country.


Simon was nominated by Tara Ende.

Simon continually goes above and beyond what is required to ensure successful outcomes to clients. His knowledge is outstanding and his customer service and work ethic is second to none.

Here is a small sample of client feedback about Simon:

Dear Simon! This is wonderful news. I want to thank you and your team for the OUTSTANDING service! SANTA FE were with us every step of the way and I would recommend you guys to anybody! I really do appreciate all your efforts, guidance and support during this application. I’m sure I will be using your services in the future to obtain our Australian citizenship! See you guys in Australia, keep well and take care!”

Another one:

Thanks Simon. Honestly you must be the fastest and most efficient Visa consultant in Australia.”

And another one:

OH MY GOD! THANK YOU SIMON! Words can’t describe how happy I am right now!! Appreciate every single thing you’ve done for my case. You and your team has always been super helpful and professional.”

While Simon won a first class award last year, he is very deserving of another this year.


Maddison was nominated by Skye McDonald.

“As the first member of the GPTW team to take on the role of group leader, Maddi has helped to coordinate the GPTW Leaders & Ambassadors in achieving an outstanding response rate for the 2016 GPTW survey. Maddi has created a suggestion wall, held several branch morning teas and BBQs, focus groups, set up a dedicated Blue Collar Kiosk and did everything possible to create a Great Place to Work in the Sydney Branch. Maddi has acted as a brilliant support person to our GPTW Leads and has pushed the team to meet their deadlines while encouraging the other Leaders to challenge themselves and think out of the box. Maddi has always gone out of her way to help and is fast to respond to any questions or concerns. Thank you for all of your help Maddi and for everything you have done to improve Sydney’s response rate which is outstanding in comparison to last year. Thank you Maddi!”  


The winner for September is, Kay Woodcock from our Perth Branch.

Kay was nominated three times by Sharon Apathy, Joy Millard & Peta Ashby.

Peta Ashby from Melbourne Branch said:

Recently the team was requested to transfer all current Account Specifications (Operational Bible) to a new consistent template. Not only did Kay complete 14 transfers, she also did so within the 7 business day turn-around time.

Thank you Kay for dedicating time to this task and making it a priority. It is greatly appreciated! Thank you for “making it easy” for an internal stakeholder!

 Joy Millard from Perth Branch said:

Kay unexpectedly came across an opportunity recently for Santa Fe to register our interest with a corporate client for a piece of work which would be worth a substantial amount if won. This has now progressed to Request for Tender which is due to be released any day. Kay shows outstanding commercial acumen and is astute to business needs when dealing with our corporate clients. It is a pleasure to work alongside and learn from someone like Kay. She  is an asset to Santa Fe and the Perth team.

 Sharon Apathy from Perth Branch said:

Kay is one of the Perth teams’ quiet achievers. She has exceptional industry knowledge (gained both in Australia and overseas), constantly seeks to ensure Santa Fe releases the maximum profit from any move, and has an astute commercial mind.

Recently this came to the fore when she spotted an opportunity to tender for Woodside at a global level. Her quick thinking resulted in Santa Fe being invited to produce an EOI for a large piece of work. We have just heard that our EOI was successful and we are approved as one of the tenderers. We aim to secure this tender and will certainly be including Kay in all celebrations when we do!

Thank You Kay.


The TWO winners for August were Alvin Daniela & Dylan Hui, both removalists from our Sydney Branch.

Alvin & Dylan were nominated by Charles Garner and mentioned in “Our Customers Say”.

Charles from Sydney Branch said:

There have been some difficult times in the Sydney Branch with an unforeseen major reduction in our operational capacity. This has put increased pressure on our crews to not only provide quality but to undertake increased workload for a significant timeframe. Alvin and Dylan operate as a crew and have maintained their service provision, customer focus whilst showing outstanding commitment to our business. I have nominated them for efficiency due to the sheer level of quality work they have been outputting but easily they could be nominated for values, ethics and customer service.

 “Our Customers Say”

Sydney, NSW to Sydney, NSW

To: Dee Petrovska – Sales Consultant

Dear Dee,

Thanks for organizing an efficient and well managed delivery of my consignment. It went very well and I would like to commend Alvin and his crew for their outstanding work.

Once again thanks for your excellent service

Kind regards



Also nominated in October:

Nominee Value Nominated By
Nuvit Kurangil Efficiency John Santi
Riji Levaci Quality Martha Wedlock
Morgan Carcary People Narelle Trimble
Simon Delmo Quality Tara Ende
Justin Howden Quality Nicole Bartley
Alen Suric Quality Dilbera Petrovska
Shalene Prasad Respect Dee Petrovska
Michael Knowles People Maddison
Cam Doan Quality Charles Garner
Skye McDonald Efficiency John Meneguzzi
Narelle Trimble Ethics John Meneguzzi
Maddison Howe People Skye McDonald
Dina Lynch Efficiency Petar Ralevski
Melanie Magri Quality Andrew Simpson
Renee Pettit Quality Andrew Simpson
Ryan McNabb Quality Andrew Simpson
Sam Cullis Quality Andrew Simpson


Also nominated in September

Nominee Value Nominated By
Kay Woodcock Efficiency Peta Ashby
Andrew Simpson Respect Abigail Shalton
Michael Lacsni Respect Abigail Shalton
David Newman People David Whittaker
Tara Ende Efficiency Ivan Chait
Damien Marrinan Respect Neal Smith
Dina Lynch Ethics Dee Petrovska
Rebecca Goetzke People Dee Petrovska
Carli Gibson Quality Dee Petrovska
Dee Petrovska Quality Petar Ralevski
Martha Wedlock Quality Petar Ralevski
Cam Doan & Deb Hodges Efficiency Vicki Loukmas
Troy Adamson People Laura Gordon
Dee Petrovska People Carli Gibson
Kay Woodcock Quality Sharon Apathy
Seth Carter Quality Rob Cross
Kay Woodcock Quality Joy Millard
Laura Gordon People Skye McDonald
Kathryn Cuddihy People Skye McDonald



Also nominated in August:

Nominee Value Nominated By
Lise Kostizen Efficiency Antonino Rawbone
Richie Simpson Quality Simon Hargreaves
Shannon Keers People Dee Petrovska
Maddison Howe People Dee Petrovska
Seth Carter Efficiency Rob Cross
Kim Isard Quality Rob Cross
Leith Chinnery People Rob Cross
Adam Julius Efficiency Rob Cross
Ritchie Simpson Quality Rob Cross
Seth Carter Efficiency Rob Cross
Damien Marrinan Respect Nicole Bartley
Alvin & Dylan Efficiency Charles Garner
Dee Petrovska Respect Alen Suric
Petar Ralevski Quality Alen Suric
Deborah Hodges Quality Maddison Howe
Luke Lancaster Quality Cameron Rologas
Alan Morgan Quality Kirsty Brownscombe
Seth Carter People Alasdair Galt
Richard Simpson Quality Hubert Cook
Vika Wana Efficiency Abigail Shalton
Brent Price Efficiency Abigail Shalton
Josh Farrance Efficiency Abigail Shalton
Jamie Moody Efficiency Abigail Shalton
Graham Gibbs Quality Carlie Scott-Hunter
Darryl Price Respect Abigail Shalton