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First Class Service Awards

We would like to congratulate all three of our amazing First Class Service Award winners for the months of November and December.

The winner for the month of November was Sharona Ungar from our Melbourne Export team.


Sharona was nominated by Narelle Trimble.

I cannot say thank you enough to Sharona, it is currently 6.30pm on Friday evening in Melbourne and I have spent half an hour on the phone to Sharona it is the first time we have had a conversation, I asked for help with my uncosted export jobs some that dated back to 2015.  No hesitation whatsoever for what has been challenging for me, Sharona has now fully completed all my outstanding exports bringing additional revenue to our branch and company of $38K.  Feeling so grateful and overwhelmed by her generosity.  I nominate Sharona for her amazing attitude and her approach to want to help a true reflection of we are one and we are all on the same team.  Thank you, you have no idea how much weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 


The winners for the month of December were Carol Bacon from our Townsville Branch and Maria Oras from our RAMS team in Melbourne.


Carol was nominated by Nicole Bartley in Rockhampton.  

Carol is an absolute gem. She has been working tirelessly over the last few months taking on extra responsibility to ensure the efficient running of the branch. Carol does what needs to be done, no questions asked. She is a long serving employee over 20 years, who takes the utmost pride in everything she does. She is a credit to this company. Carol is taking on additional duties in the office given that there is no longer a fulltime dedicated branch manager in Townsville. Matt Wyke is managing both Townsville & Cairns branches and this often leaves Carol to man the forte in his absence.  Carol is always proactive in redirecting any calls received for the Mackay region and follow ups to ensure that we received them. On top of all this, Carol is the GPTW Ambassador for the branch. She is a cheery person with a positive attitude. Carol is an all-round superstar, who like many is working incredibly hard, not only during the busy, but year round.  


 Maria thumb

Maria was nominated by Gerard Gonzales in Melbourne

I would like to nominate Maria for being a remarkable operations manager.  She would go out of her way to understand the issues and propose solutions that will not only resolve the current issue but will also improve the process going forward. She also engages very closely with the team to ensure that everyone gets the support that they need and are empowered to do their job by providing continuous guidance, coaching and support. She would not hesitate to help with the day to day operations when the team is swamped with work.

And by Cheryl Yap in Melbourne

Under Maria’s leadership, we’ve successfully extended the contracts for WorleyParsons and TWE and expanded the scope of work for CBA, all of which brings in significant additional revenue for the business.

As the main client contact for operations, Maria established a solid relationship with the client HRs who treats our team as an extension of theirs. As our Team Leader, she made herself available whenever support was required including getting her hands dirty and assisting with day to day operations.  One of the key accomplishments on the TWE account this year was the development of an Exception Process which saw Maria functioning as an Exception Approver for all out of scope requests under A$10,000. This was a very big step forward as it demonstrated the immense amount of trust the client has in Maria’s capabilities. It is very difficult to encapsulate all of Maria’s accomplishments in the Australia RAMS business in just one nomination as she has done so much in her role leading the RAMS team in Operations and in the implementation of new accounts. Winning the December First Class Service Awards will be an acknowledgement of all her hard work this year.


Additional, and very worthy applicants for the two months included…


Nominee Value Nominated By
Joy Millard Quality Tracey Keating
Rebecca Anchor Efficiency Andrew Mitchell
Amy Ong Quality Anonymous
Louise Purcell People Anonymous
Tara Ende Quality Ivan Chait
Peta Ashby Efficiency Craig Heron
Marc Peters Efficiency Craig Heron
Natasha Boucher Efficiency Antonino Rawbone
Kathryn Cuddihy Efficiency Antonino Rawbone
Rose Taylor People Antonino Rawbone
Mel Magri Quality Skye McDonald
Claudia Pirzl Quality Debby Goosen
Charmaine de Lange Efficiency Debby Goosen
Daniel Gibbings Efficiency Kristy Mone
Daniel Gibbings Efficiency Lee Mirco
Adrianne Sullivan Efficiency Andrew Simpson
Angela Phillips People Dee Petrovska
Sue Christou Efficiency Rose Taylor
Carol Jurrjens Quality Andrew Ruigrok
Sharona Ungar People Narelle Trimble
Maria Oras Efficiency Bridget McCarthy
Peta Ashby People Bridget McCarthy
Eli Camaya Quality Bridget McCarthy
Rebecca Muxworthy People Zoey Wood
Natasha Boucher & Kathryn Cuddihy Quality Laura Gordon
Eli Camaya Quality Angela Phillips
Lance Philpott & Eric Ainsworth People Narelle Trimble



Nominee Value Nominated By
Rose Taylor Safety Craig Heron
Dina Lynch Quality Dee Petrovska
Anica Petrovski Efficiency Dee Petrovska
Michael Knowles Respect Dilbera Petrovska
Carol Bacon Efficiency Nicole Bartley
Petar Ralevski Ethics Dee Petrovska
Daniel Gibbings Ethics Kay Woodcock
Heather McAulay Quality Tracey Keating
Rod Burke People Kathryn Cuddihy
Adrianne Sullivan Efficiency Neal Smith
Adrienne Montague Efficiency Neal Smith
Maria Oras People Gerard Gonzales
Skye McDonald Efficiency Joy Millard
David Newman Respect Louise Barnard
Vicki Loukmas People Maddison Howe
Kristy Magazinovic Ethics Mark Howe
Trevor Beach Ethics Mark howe
Glenn Thomas Efficiency Mark Howe
Debra Hadley Quality Petar Ralevski
David Newman People Petar Ralevski
John Meneguzzi People Narelle Trimble
Rockhampton  Removal  Crew Quality Neal Smith
Sharona Ungar Ethics Mark Howe
Amelia Weber Quality John Meneguzzi
Brent Price Quality Alison Long
Brent Price Efficiency Kirsty Brownscombe
Maria Oras Quality Cheryl Yap
Eli Camaya Efficiency Bridget McCarthy
Skye McDonald People Laura Gordon
Renee Pettit People Skye McDonald
Wade Boddington Efficiency & People Andrew Simpson
Eric Ainsworth Efficiency & People Andrew Simpson