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First Class Service Awards


It was with great honour that we announced last week the winner of our Santa Fe First Class Service Employee of the Year Award. Congratulations to Andrew Mitchell from Adelaide who won the monthly prize not once but twice during 2015, in both April and September, and has now been crowned our very first winner of the yearly prize!
We spent the afternoon of Friday February 12th at a wonderful lunch at the Riva St Kilda with our Global Chief Human Resources Officer Barbara Zesik (pictured above) and 13 of last year’s winners, celebrating their dedication to our company, and hard work within their teams.

The lunch culminated in the awarding of the $2000 prize, which could not have gone to a more deserving recipient, although we must mention how much time our judges spent in making this decision given such an impressive pool of talent in all our 2015 nominees.


A Truly Worthy Winner…

Andrew has been with Wridgways since 1974 and he has been a consistent contributor for all of this time, demonstrating a positive approach to everything he does.

Andrew was nominated in September by Cameron Rologas, and in April by Mark McGran, and their insights into Andrew’s work ethic and amazing attitude were integral to his selection as our first winner of the annual prize.

He takes incredible pride in his work, and puts significant effort into achieving the best outcome for the client and for the business, which is no easy task when dealing with insurance claims!

Shaun Scanlon has described Andrew as a “stalwart” of the organisation, demonstrating our values consistently and enthusiastically, which in turn has a positive effect on everyone he encounters.

We would like to recognise Andrew not only for his dedication to our business and our customers, but for his support of his colleagues as well. He looks for talent, fosters it and takes great pride in seeing people blossom.

Andrew’s tireless approach to working through difficult and sometimes emotional insurance claims is an inspiration. He never gives up, and always sees these cases through to their conclusion.

He always remains positive and has even learned to say “No” with a smile.

His passion for the business as a whole is clear to all, and he regularly peruses the local newspapers in his spare time searching for leads to provide to our Commercial services and corporate divisions.

Andrew’s ability to stay positive and be so proactive in driving our business is truly worthy of a First Class Service award.

Congratulations once again Andrew, from all of Santa Fe!