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Five Things To Expect When Moving To Melbourne

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Hailed as the “World’s Most Liveable City”, Melbourne has experienced an influx of people migrating from interstate and from abroad. It’s a diverse, artistic, and colourful city which opens its doors open to tourists and those wanting to make it their new home. Moving to Melbourne is not even close to daunting, it’s a city that, no doubt, offers a piece of your home town when you need it, as well as safe streets, delicious cafes and restaurants, and outstanding sights and attractions. 

Full to the brim with trendy cafe culture, welcoming warmth and a flurry of diversity, Melbourne has clinched the title of the fastest growing capital in Australia- and it is no mystery why.

Aside from the unique twist and turns of alleyways in the city, Melbourne is situated near many beautiful sights and destinations, some of which include the Great Ocean Road, the 12 Apostles, the Yarra Valley, and Mornington Peninsula.


Know About These Fives Things Before Moving To Melbourne

Relocating to Melbourne might seem daunting at first but this list, outlining five things to expect when you move, will aptly prepare you.


Indecisive Weather

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Fluctuating weather is probably the first thing locals will mention when asked: “What’s Melbourne like?” Undergoing 4 seasons in a day is not uncommon for Melbournians and, as a result, most have adapted well to it, carry a spare jacket around, have a hair tie at the ready and always store an umbrella no matter where you are going.

On the plus side, where there is rain, there is sunshine – and a rainbow not too far behind! Unlike countries that have very predictable weather, Melbourne has the luxury of witnessing rainbows (and even double rainbows!) occasionally.



Moving To Melbourne Trams Free Zone

Trams are another unnerving adjustment to make when new to Melbourne. They run on tracks above the ground, alongside cars on the road and although it may be complex at the beginning, it takes time (and practice) to master the system. Cars are required to brake when driving next to trams at every tram stop and this public transport type is exclusive to Melbourne.

If you don’t driver, taking trams is a great form of transport, and more effective, for getting around this beautiful city. The only problem you may run into is with your Myki card. Many Melbournians will inform you that there is no need to tap off when getting off a tram, but others will insist otherwise. Tram drivers insist you don’t need to – and they’re right! As long as you tap on at the start of your journey, the correct fare will be deducted from your card account.

With the largest tram network in the entire world, Melbourne even offers a “free tram zone” within the city. This free tram zone will transport you to some of Melbourne’s iconic city sights, so it’s definitely a day out not to be missed.


Coffee Culture

Latte Art Food Dye Mason Moving To Melbourne


When it comes to Melbourne, no matter where you are, the time of the day, or season – someone is sipping on a hot cup of coffee. Cafes are scattered all over the city and, according to Melbournians, there is no better way to start off your day than with a speciality brew.

You may also be surprised to learn that unlike other cities, Melbourne values small-scale, boutique cafes more than large beverage corporations.

Surprisingly, Melbourne’s best cafes and restaurants are not found in the centre of the city but spread out across Melbourne’s suburbs. Take a sip of an expertly prepared coffee in a cafe in South Melbourne, South Yarra, Hawthorn, or St Kilda.


Dominating Diversity

Theweeklyreview Com Au Lunar Chinese New Year Moving To Melbourne


You won’t be hard-pressed something “different” to eat in Melbourne. Not up for a basket of Fish and Chips? You can walk 5 minutes up to a Ramen bar, tram down to enjoy some Greek Baklava or head on over for some South Indian Dosa.

Lygon street (in Carlton to Brunswick) is famous for authentic Italian food and large family portions that go with it, while Lonsdale Street is popular for Greek food and Victoria Street is known for Vietnamese cuisine. The choices are limitless and you can take your pick every single day.

Officially the most multicultural city in Australia, the people of Melbourne always try their best to be inclusive in commemorating cultural festivities. Watch Chinatown come alive with lion dances and fireworks on Lunar New Year, or participate in the other cultural festivals in Melbourne, spread throughout the year.


Melbourne Nightlife

Moving To Melbourne Nightlife

When the sun sets, the lights of the CBD ignite to energise the city. The vibrancy and dynamic disposition are evident all around, even down to the Yarra River.

The rolling of the tram wheels infused with the chatter of the crowd keep the streets of Melbourne rejuvenated even at the earliest hours of the morning – this city never goes to sleep.

For the more adventurous souls out there, Melbourne CBD is host to many pubs and bars that will ensure an unforgettable night out with friends and even the venture of forming new bonds will appear promising to nervous newcomers. But the fun doesn’t end in the city centre.

Nearby South Yarra and Windsor, which share Chapel Street, also hold reputations for having acclaimed restaurants, pubs and bars, and clubs for adults to kick off their Friday nights into the weekend.


Regardless of where you’re relocating from, one of the several communities in Melbourne will be quick to envelop you with open arms. If you’re looking for professional, highly-skilled Melbourne interstate removalists for your move, look no further than WridgWays Removalists 

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