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From the CEO

Hello Everyone

And clearly you have immediately triple checked the photo to realise that I have hijacked the opening of this edition from our CEO! Ha – HR has taken over and we are going to talk all things people… and some more.

In this edition you will hear from me, no boring strategy to talk about (yikes will I get in trouble for saying that!) and no reference to any form of numbers (now I will definitely get into trouble for that one).

A lot has happened for all of us in the last month – and there has been a real push from Group (and me) to engage our employees on a greater level and have them involved in our Strategy (yes I know I said I wouldn’t talk about strategy, but I just cant help it).

I hope all of our office based employees are now on Yammer as it is here where you can keep up to date with what is going on not only on a local level – but more importantly what is happening globally. Branch Managers and Customer Service Managers, you can then share this with your teams in toolbox meetings. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet joined Yammer because I have decided to write about you on there instead!

Our Great Place to Work Survey has now closed, and I can’t wait to see the results.  We expect to receive these at the end of November or very early December.  As soon as we do, they will be shared “warts and all” (what a disgusting phrase) with all of our employees.  So a big thank you to all those of you who completed the survey and did so with honesty.  Your feedback will help build some of the “people agenda” going forward.  In future editions I will share some more of the people initiatives we will work on – so stay tuned for this.



Something dawned on me recently (yes HR people do have light bulb moments too, although maybe not as often as they do for most of you), and I realised that we seem to be celebrating all those employees who have been leaving us (which is great and we should be), but what about all those amazing people who join us. We all need to do a better job around this – me included. So when you see a new person in your depot or in your office – welcome them, introduce yourself, maybe even ask them 3 crazy things they like to do outside of work – and maybe don’t tell me their response to this question! Try taking them on a tour of the office or the depot, introduce them to everyone, and give them a quiz at the end of the day to see who they remembered – and hey – even have lunch with them. Whatever you do, let’s start doing a better job of welcoming new people. Interestingly, our stats show us (did I say I wasn’t going to talk numbers?) that over 55% of the people who are resigning are doing so within their first two years with us. So let’s all aim to decrease this number, and spend more time on celebrating those who have joined the Santa Fe team.

Speaking of which, we might have a couple of our European colleagues join us over the busy to help us out as part of our new Global Exchange program. After the absolute success of sending over Kristie Magazinovic and Sinead Darcy to Belgium and London a few months ago, it is now our turn to host a couple of our European colleagues. We are working through applications at the moment – so hopefully more to come on this soon. As you can see, this is definitely one of the great benefits of working for a Global company as we start to open up these amazing opportunities for our employees. If only I was young again, irresponsible, and free! Now I am wise, responsible and have a mortgage. So, if you are lucky enough to have one of these colleagues join you in your location, make sure you go out of your way to give them an amazing welcome – as I have experienced from the Brisbane team when I have visited them in the past. I even got a coffee and lots of friends for lunch!

On the topic of exciting initiatives, did you all see the launch of our new policy on the Employee Referral program? If not ask your Manager. While our recruitment has definitely slowed down, we know that this ramps up again very soon, so make sure you have a look. There is some cash in it for you if you recommend a candidate and they are successful in getting a position with us.

I know we are about to head into the most important and busy time for our business and for our people. We are approaching our busy and the second one I will have experienced. I was amazed last year at how hard our people work during these months, and how proud I was to see how people really pulled together. I also took pleasure in knowing that Brad Lunnon worked our CEO hard doing deliveries in Albury, so this year we might need to send him to another location! Thanks Brad for helping to give me a break, knowing Andrew was somewhere remote and too busy to call me. If any of you can organise this favour for me again I promise to repay in kind!

Enjoy November everyone, and I hope you had a win on the gee gees – you know that crazy race where horses run in circles in Melbourne, with men (and one woman) riding them in shiny satin – how bizarre!

Angela Di Iorio, Director People Learning & Culture