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From the Management Team


With Chris Brimble

I was lucky enough to be selected as part of a small group to represent Australia at the “Core Technology Workshop” in London during March. The representatives were Lal Ratnayake (IT), Amanda Lawrance (Sales), Melanie Magri (Finance) and myself representing Moving Services.

As the agenda was quite high level we went into it with no real expectations, just open minds and anticipation. None of us however, regardless of expectation, knew how much we would get out of it. It was amazing, the group of expert colleagu es from around the world were incredibly friendly, madly passionate about what we do and all experiencing similar challenges that we, here in Australia, are experiencing right now. We came away with a massive sense of unity, completely reenergised and feeling extremely positive about the future of the business and a real awareness of the support we have from the entire group. For those of you who did not see them I’d like to share with you some of the blogs I was posting on Yammer along the way!


Day One
Today was kicked off with an introduction from Yalda Zand and an overview from Martin Thaysen of the vision/dream of our future IT platform. We were then introduced to the team from Sales Force who are going to be instrumental in guiding us on this journey.

In the afternoon we broke out into groups and started to peel off the layers with regard to the challenges each of us face with our current systems. Amazingly we found common ground.



Day Two
Today was all about moving services and after a broad and experienced presentation from Rob Lucas, I was lucky enough to be able to share with the group the way we do it down under, including the benefits and draw backs of the systems we use. We then spent the rest of the day mapping out how we do it from a global perspective. I have to say it has been fantastic so far and the vision is very inspiring! I’m certainly looking forward to the next week and a half”

Day Three

Today covered DSP and IMMS and we were given some fantastic insights into that world by Janine Barnes and Robert Day. It was very interesting and eye opening to see how specialized the requirements are in all the different locations in DSP, IMMS as well as HHG.
One example that comes to mind was given by Michael Seuchter, in Germany you actually dismantle and take your whole kitchen with you when you move (cupboards and all!), you even take the light fittings out leaving behind the wires.


Day Four

Today was pricing, kicked off by Simon Scott and to say that session was passionate is an understatement. There was input from all corners of the room and lots of good robust discussion. By the end of the day I think it became very apparent to everyone why we are here and how important it is we all get this right and are all on the same IT platform soon. It will make a world of difference to intercompany/country operations and relations.


Day Five

Today was finance and for many a free day. We took the opportunity to have a look around then head into the London Group Head office and were given the tour by Rob Lucas. What an eye opener. It was also fantastic to see some old faces and catch up with Louise Barnard again.

The weekend has allowed us to do some sightseeing of “London Town” and a special thanks again to Rob Lucas for entertaining us on Saturday.

This week we start to dive a little deeper into the business and its systems. Stay tuned!


Day Six (and the beginning of week 2)

Today kicked off with “The Assignee Experience” Presented by Janine Barnes. We examined at length how hard it can be for the assignee when relocating learning about the challenges they and mainly their families are faced with.

We then went to cover “User Experience” which explored how assignees actually feel about the whole experience not just the process they have to go through. In the room we had many Santa Fe employees that had actually moved either with Santa Fe or another company. They recounted their own personal experiences and feelings which really brought to light so many things most of us had never considered. We also covered the “Corporate Value Chain” and SPOC.

In the afternoon Mark Burchell spoke about the Customer Experience, Affinity Services, Consumer Business Definitions and the potential of on selling local moving opportunities.
We all got a good laugh when we learnt the Australian concept of a Man with a Van is alive and well over here but it’s called an Aussie with a Van!



Day Seven

Today started horribly waking up to the news of the bombings in Brussels. Our thoughts go out to all of those effected and for someone from the other side of the world, being in Europe when this occurred was certainly unnerving and made you realise how real this threat really is.

Robert Fletcher kicked off the day enlightening all of us on the world of RAMS, and in true Fletch style it was very in-depth and informative.

We went on to discuss how we deal with complaints and KPIs.

The day was rounded out by Corporate Brand Values discussing who we think we are and how we see ourselves vs who our clients think we are and how they see us. Katie made it a very interactive session that was fun and a great way to finish the last of the workshops.


Day Eight

Today was called “User Playback” which was essentially a recap on all we had done. It was quite amazing to see how much we had covered, discovered, learnt and progressed during that time. I certainly believe that SF and Sales Force have formed a fantastic relationship that will see us achieve all that we need from this program.

I just want to say a massive thank you to all of my colleagues over here, not only was it intense and highly productive it was a hell of allot of fun! Lastly a specific thank you to Yalda Zand and Felicity Taylor for organising all of this, job very well done.



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