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How to get the cheapest energy plan in your new postcode


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Moving to a new neighbourhood is exciting but it can also be a little daunting, especially if you’re moving to a new state or country that’s far from your current home.


Finding new places to hang out, eat and shop is part of the fun of moving and even if you do find it a tad stressful trying to hunt down the perfect cup of coffee in your new hood, there are plenty of online resources that you can turn to, from the local council’s website to Time Out or TripAdvisor to give you the rundown of the area’s top attractions and local facilities.


When it comes to sorting out your utility providers and finding the best energy plan for you, this is when it can get a bit more complex, and a lot less fun! Trying to estimate how much energy you will use in a new house for instance is not easy, as you can’t rely on your old bill, especially if you’re moving from say Townsville to Melbourne where the weather and your electricity use is going to be vastly different.


And with energy prices around Australia now at their peak, this isn’t something you should leave to chance and hope that when your first bill rolls around you won’t get bill shock. Recent research by Energy comparison site showed that Australian households in Victoria can annually save up to $929 in Victoria, $737 in South Australia, $532 in Queensland and $481 in New South Wales by switching to the most competitive plans on the market.


If you’ve recently moved interstate, be sure that you also check out your state Government’s energy scheme to see if you are eligible for any of the concessions or rebates available.

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Here’s Mozo’s top tips to finding the best energy deals in your postcode:


  1. Look beyond incentives. Getting $100 off your first bill is a great incentive to sign up but you’ll want savings over the longer term as well so be sure that you check the plan’s tariff and discounts so that you will be getting a good deal.
  2. Sign up online. Many providers have big discounts for signing up online or if you pay your bill via direct debit.
  3. Bundle your gas and electricity. Many providers offer generous discounts if you sign up your household’s electricity as well as gas services with them. A dual fuel package is also a convenient option as you’ll only need to deal with one supplier for both services.
  4. Watch Exit fees. Discounted deals are great but don’t forget to run your eye over the fine print. Sometimes, the ‘special’ offers are available for long term plans and you may need to pay an exit fee if you want to cancel the plan earlier.
  5. Compare, compare, compare. The best deals are usually on offer to new customers so it pays to regularly compare and switch. To compare plans check out the Australian Government’s website Energy Made Easy or try Mozo’s Energy Cost Cruncher Calculator.