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> Internal Newsletter > Glen Webster’s Quick Thinking Saves Elderly Man’s Life

Glen Webster’s Quick Thinking Saves Elderly Man’s Life



On behalf of Santa Fe we would like to recognise the heroic efforts of Karratha Branch Manager Glen Webster who recently saved an elderly man from a car wreck in the seconds before it was engulfed by flames.

Glen was out on surveys when he came across an accident on the exit ramp of the Mitchell Freeway in Joondalup. Earlier that day a camper had foolishly used a cigarette lighter to clear an area of bushland for his tent, despite temperatures in excess of 40 degrees. A bushfire quickly took hold of the area, causing mass evacuations and road diversions.


This road diversion would see an elderly man forced to take an unfamiliar route and subsequently travel the wrong way down the freeway’s exit ramp.  The car soon collided with the car of a young woman, and the impact caused the two cars to slide together down an embankment.

It was at this stage that Glen arrived at the scene, pulling over to check whether everyone was alright. He noticed smoke coming from the back of the man’s car, which soon turned to flames. Instinct took over, and Glen knew he needed to act quickly. “There was a lady there comforting him, and I saidLook, we have to get him out, the car has caught alight!’”

It became apparent that the trapped passenger had lost the ability to move his legs, but luckily another man appeared at the edge of the embankment, and together they were able to drag the driver up the hill.

Seconds after they were clear of the car, flames took hold and an explosion was felt at their distance of just 1.5 metres away. It is certain that without Glen’s quick thinking this incident would have ended in tragedy.

While Glen sustained an arm injury which has seen him unable to work as it heals, the only other injuries sustained were scratches to the old man’s legs and arms as he was dragged away from danger. Glen has been in contact with both parties in recent weeks and is pleased to hear that after the initial shock they are now doing well and are incredibly fortunate that he arrived when he did.

We commend Glen for this act of bravery, and wish him a speedy recovery in coming months.