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> Internal Newsletter > Global CEO Martin Thaysen Visits Melbourne

Global CEO Martin Thaysen Visits Melbourne


As many of you will be aware, Group CEO Martin Thaysen spent three days in Melbourne earlier this month, reviewing our strategic initiatives with the ALT. While his visit was a short one, there were some incredibly worthwhile sessions held during this time, and it was a valuable experience for all involved.

Another highlight of Martin’s visit was a lunch held in our Melbourne Branch which allowed him to share some really exciting and thought provoking strategic direction updates and gave our team the opportunity to ask questions about our future both locally and globally.

Martin is a prolific Yammer user, which I would encourage you all to make the most of, as he provides constant updates about the great goings on in our organisation, including some really positive insights that he posted after his Melbourne visit. What stands out, in addition to his encouragement and appreciation for all of your hard work, is his reference to “our fighting spirit”, which is something we ought to be proud of.

Please visit Martin’s Yammer feed to read more, or refer to the screenshot below!

Martin's post

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