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Global Network

Overseas Shipping and Removals

For all your relocation needs, Wridgways covers the world. Through our own network of offices via Santa Fe, we stick to one simple philosophy in delivering services globally: “Best in Class”. Our model ensures we are working with the best in class provider in each city globally.

This choice to work with the best companies around the world is one of our greatest strengths, and our clients benefit from their proven quality.

Our global network are members of internationally recognized organizations, the most common being Worldwide ERC, FIDI, EURA and OMNI. Each of these organizations requires their members to adhere to a unique set of strict criteria.

FIDI (International Federation of International Furniture Removals)

Worldwide ERC (Worldwide Employee Relocation Council)

EURA (European Relocation Association)

OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International)