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Great Place to Work Update

With the end of the Busy almost in sight, we thought now might be a good time for you to hear a little bit about what we’ve been doing behind the scenes within your Great Place to Work Leadership Team.

In October, we asked you all to take part in our second GPTW survey, and the participation rate for Australia was absolutely phenomenal. With so much data, across the entirety of our Global business it takes quite some time to compile these results and present them in a meaningful way. We are still waiting to receive more information, but are looking forward to sharing this with you in coming weeks.

We have also been working hard on putting together our next Action Plan on the topic of Teamwork and Culture. It will feature some really exciting initiatives, but we want it to be perfect, so we are making sure we give it the time it deserves. A suggestion that was prevalent during our Focus Groups was for us to have more opportunities to socialise and bond within our branches, and to recognise the hard work we have all been doing. With this in mind, we are encouraging all branches to hold a special Thank You celebration over the next few weeks to show just how much we appreciate the efforts everyone has been putting in over the Busy.

All branches are different, so it will be up to your Manager to decide how you celebrate, but for many branches this will be a special breakfast, morning tea or BBQ lunch with a real focus on including all members of staff, and giving ourselves a well-earned pat on the back.

Finally, we are asking for expressions of interest from anyone who feels that they would enjoy being a part of the Great Place to Work Team. We have already had several volunteers, and have a great group of ambassadors across Melbourne and Sydney, but if anyone from our other Capital Cities or regional locations is interested we would love to hear from you. Send an email through to Skye McDonald if you are enthusiastic about driving positive change within our organisation, and feel free to approach any member of our existing team if you would like to know more about what is involved.

We are really looking forward to doing more great work in 2017, and will be updating you regularly on our progress.

Have a great weekend everyone!

From your Great Place to Work Team,

Maddison Howe, Amy Ong, Rose Taylor, Leslie Chatfield, Laura Gordon and Skye McDonald


Great Place to Work - Leaders and Ambassadors 2017b