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Great Place to Work Update

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On behalf of the Great Place to Work Leadership Team we would like to welcome and thank all of our new Ambassadors for their enthusiasm in our mission to make Santa Fe GREAT!

As your know, our small team has been working over the past few months to create a better work environment in each and every branch across Australia, by building morale and implementing the suggestions of our colleagues.

While we are all incredibly passionate about this process, it has become apparent that we can’t be everywhere at once. Sometimes this means that it is a struggle to bring our ideas to life outside of the physical locations in which we are based.

This is where our GPTW Ambassadors come in. By having an ambassador in each of our branches, and across all of our teams, we can make sure that we receive feedback from all of our staff, and that all of our initiatives can benefit the entire business.

We are really excited to start working more closely with these Ambassadors very soon, and at a branch level we hope you will give these people the support they need in running focus groups and initiatives on behalf of the Great Place to Work Leadership Team.

If your branch has not been a part of a focus group for our new Teamwork and Culture topic yet, then rest assured that this will be happening very soon. We can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say, and encourage you to remember that this is a great forum for you to make suggestions about how to make Santa Fe great.

It is with great pleasure that we also welcome our new Leader for Brisbane, David Whittaker, who was previously an Ambassador and has stepped up to join our amazing Leadership Team and help support the whole of greater Queensland in their GPTW mission.

We would also like to take this time, as a team to acknowledge the amazing effort that Carlie Scott has put into this program over the past six months. While Carlie has now left Santa Fe, the GPTW Leadership Team will miss her enthusiasm, initiative and drive which were so valuable to us as a group, and to the entire company. The changes she made in a very short time will have lasting impacts, not only for her colleagues in the Brisbane Branch, but for the whole of Santa Fe Australia, and GPTW teams across the globe. Thank you Carlie!


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