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Healthy Selfie Competition


Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the amazing Healthy Selfie Competition, which has taken off on Yammer over the past month. In an effort to encourage us all to be kinder to our bodies, minds and spirits and to stick to our amazing plans for the future, this world-wide Santa Fe wellbeing initiative has given us all the opportunity to get active and have some fun in the process! We’ve had some absolutely brilliant entries from all across the globe, including an excellent photo of Michael Lacsni on his trusty steed (above).


Maddison Howe and Carlie Scott-Hunter


Tara Ende, and Charles Garner (with his two beautiful daughters)


Antonino Rawbone (with the soccer team he coaches), and Tracey Keating (with her daughter)

self6 self5

Sharon Rivett (with Ruby and Sampson), and Sarah Horn with Andrew Simpson (and his partner Jen)

selfie2 selfie1

Skye McDonald, and Tim Farren with Tash Boucher and Laura Gordon