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How To Pack Electronics For Moving

How To Pack Electronics For Moving

Move Your Electronic Items Safely And Securely With These Tips

Electronic devices tend to be expensive and fragile. Keeping them in good working order while moving house can be a challenge. It can get especially complicated if you’ve got a big family, and a large number of devices to keep track of.

Some of the biggest problems people face when moving electronics are:

  • Cracking screens
  • Water damage
  • Lost cables
  • Disorganisation

To help you move your electronics safely and securely, we’ve assembled this quick guide. Follow these tips and guidelines, and you can pack, transport, and unpack your electronic devices in a flash.

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Get rid of the electronic devices you no longer need

Old electronics devices

Moving house is a great opportunity to declutter. Rather than move absolutely everything you own, you can select which books, clothes, and electronic devices will be coming with you to the new house — and which ones won’t.

Getting rid of old things you don’t want anymore will really speed up the packing process. There will be less to carry on the moving van, and less to unpack and find room for.

In choosing what you will bring, try using the KonMari method. Tidying guru Marie Kondo says that you should only keep items that “spark joy”. However, if your electronic devices are shooting out sparks, maybe you shouldn’t bring them to the new house.

Keep your electronic devices safe and functional during the move

As anybody who has ever dropped their phone knows all too well, electronic devices are delicate. When moving electronic devices to a new home, it’s important to take certain steps to guarantee that everything arrives safely.

  • Safeguard any fragile devices with a protective layer. Ideally, you’d load your electronic devices back into their original boxes with the original protective packaging.
  • If you don’t have the original packaging, try using a combination of bubblewrap, newspaper, and blankets to keep everything safe. Then, make sure you adhere the packaging to the device.
  • If your electronic items are going to be in storage for a while, make sure you take the time waterproof them with a tarp or something similar.
  • With computers and similar devices, you should be mindful of static. Invest in some anti-static packing materials.
  • Back up all of your files on hard drives before the move. That way, even if something is dropped or damaged in transit, you’ll still have all your data.

Once your electronic devices have all been prepared for the move, you need to ensure that they’re transported carefully. When you work with professional movers, they’ll make sure that all your items are stored tightly and securely on the moving truck. That way, they won’t slide around and take damage in transit.

Organise your electronic devices to make moving and unpacking easier

organise your electronics devices

Having a well organised move is just as important as making sure everything is stored safely. After all, it’s no good spending all that time and effort protecting and waterproofing your electronic devices only to lose them en route.

  • Group like with like when storing your things. If you have a home entertainment system, keep all the speakers together. If you’re moving a desktop computer, keep the mouse, keyboard and monitor all in one place.
  • Make a checklist of everything you’re moving.
  • Label your boxes. That way, your movers will be able to put boxes in specific rooms at your new property, saving you time and effort.
  • You probably have hundreds of cables floating around your house. They all basically look the same, and it is all too easy for them to go missing in a move. Try storing them in plastic zip lock bags,  with clear labels, so you can easily identify the ones you need upon arrival.

WridgWays can help you move your electronic items locally, interstate, or internationally. Get in touch today for a free quote.