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Immigration Update – Australia

July 1 Changes Summary

The Australian government has announced the changes that have taken place in its visa programs effective July 1st 2019. This update provides a basic summary of the key points.

Who will be affected?

All users of the Australian visa programs.


July 1 marks the start of the new financial year in Australia, which is normally accompanied by a suite of changes to visa programs. Fees are normally increased at this time, state governments usually adjust their occupation lists to accommodate the next year’s allocations of places for visas, and other administrative changes often occur. This year is no exception.


The key changes that have occurred effective July 1 are:

Fee increases:  Government fees have increased by approximately 7.65%. This represents 2.25% CPI plus an additional 5.4% as announced in the recent Federal Budget.

Long stay temporary parent visa: The ability to apply for a long stay parent visa has now commenced.

Working holiday visa program: Several changes have occurred including:

  • Greece and Ecuador have been added to working holiday visa program
  • France passport holders join Canada and Ireland in being able to apply for a working holiday visa up to their 35th birthday. Applicants from all other eligible countries must apply before their 31st birthday

Skilled Migration:

Some state governments have announced changes to their skilled migration programs including:

  • The Australian Capital Territory’s new occupation list and guidelines come into effect on 01 July
  • South Australia will recommence processing of previously lodged Subclass 188 and 132 nominations from 1 July
  • Queensland will NOT reopen on 1 July, possibly reopening late July
  • Victoria’s new online visa nomination application system to be launched 15 July

WridgWays Analysis:

Unlike recent years, the July 1 changes this year have been largely expected, with no major surprises. This is broadly consistent with the wider landscape of Australian visas over the past few months as the program has once again settled after a couple of tumultuous years.

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