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Immigration Update: China


10th November, 2016

New Policies for Foreign Work Permit Applications in China

Effective 1 November 2016, all Labour Bureaus in China will conduct experimental management in Alien Work Permit applications. From 1 April, 2017 onwards, all of China will officially implement the final results of the experimental management.

Below is a brief summary of the new experimental policies :

  1. Type A: High Level Talents – There is no limitation on quota
  2. Type B: Common Talents – There is limitation on quota based on market needs.
  3. Type C: Common Applicants – The Chinese government will implement a quota management which can be checked directly on the Alien Employment Management Service System


For foreign employees who have already obtained valid Work Permits before or by 1 Nov 2016, there will be no impact from this new policy. Any new or renewal work permit application from 1 Nov 2016 will be subject to the experimental policies.

Foreign employees who have already obtained valid Residence Permits but need to transfer to different companies and/or difference cities in China must apply for the new Alien Work Permit directly within the validity of the Residence Permit.

In addition, effective from 1 Dec 2016, Chinese Embassies overseas will not accept Alien Employment License for the Z-visa application and will only accept the new Alien Employment Notification. Before 1 Dec 2016, foreign employees are still able to apply for the Alien Employment License for the Z-visa application.


Impact & Recommendation

Please note that we are still trying to gather more details regarding the new policies as the implementation of the new policies may be different across all cities in China and these are all on experimental stage at the moment. We will follow up with the Labour Bureau and confirm on further requirements.


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Group Immigration Manager Asia

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Operations Manager Immigration Services – Asia

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Elisa Liu

Immigration Manager – North China

Santa Fe Group Relocation Services

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Assistant Immigration Manager – South China

Santa Fe Group Relocation Services

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