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Immigration Update: Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals

20 January 2017

 Effective 23 January 2017, Indian nationals must complete a pre-arrival registration online before they can enter HKSAR (Hong Kong) visa-free for a stay not exceeding 14 days (even if entering while on transit).

Subject to normal immigration requirements being met, the following categories of Indian nationals can visit the HKSAR without pre-arrival registration:

  1. Indian nationals who are only in transit by air and not leaving the airport transit area.
  2. Indian nationals who have the right of abode in HKSAR
  3. Indian nationals who have valid permission to remain in HKSAR for employment, study or residence or who are on unconditional stay.
  4. holders of a valid Indian diplomatic or official passport
  5. holders of United Nations Laissez Passer coming to the HKSAR or transiting the HKSAR to/from a third place for official United Nations business
  6. holders of a valid HKSAR Travel Pass
  7. those who have obtained a valid entry visa for the HKSAR
  8. those who have successfully enrolled for e-Channel service for frequent visitors

Note on e-Channel Services

Check online for the validity of the enrolment for e-Channel service for frequent visitors and printing of the “Record of enrolment for e-Channel service for frequent visitors.

Before boarding a conveyance (a ship, aircraft, vehicle or any other means whatsoever of travel or transport) bound for the HKSAR, an enrollee may present the “Record of enrolment for e-Channel service for frequent visitors” together with the specific and valid Indian passport which he/she has used for the enrolment to transport operators as proof of valid enrolment for e-Channel service for frequent visitors. Upon the expiry of the validity of the enrolment for e-Channel service for frequent visitors, or if the passport that is linked to the enrolment expires or becomes invalid for any reason, an enrollee’s eligibility for e-Channel service for frequent visitors will lapse immediately. In such circumstances, he/she must complete the pre-arrival registration before visiting the HKSAR again.

General Procedures for Pre-Registration

  • The registrant should visit the following website to pre-register with the Hong Kong Immigration Department (
  • The registrant must truthfully enter the correct information and it needs to be exactly the same as it appears in his/her valid Indian passport.
  • The registration result will be made known to the registrant instantly.
  • The successful registrant must print the “Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals” (the notification slip) generated by the system on a sheet of blank A4 white paper.
  • The registrant must check that the data on the notification slip is correct and exactly the same as it appears on the specific Indian passport that he/she has used to apply for pre-arrival registration before signing on it.
  • The notification slip must be used in conjunction with the specific Indian passport that is linked to the pre-arrival registration. 
  • If the registrant renews or replaces his/her Indian passport or changes his/her personal particulars after pre-arrival registration, the registrant must re-apply using the new passport details.
  • For a registrant who is under 16 years of age, either his/her parent or legal guardian can sign the slip.

In case the pre-arrival registration cannot be completed, an Indian national must apply for an entry visa to the Immigration Department via the standard process which is application by post to the HK Immigration Department.

Validity of Pre-arrival registration

  • The pre-arrival registration is normally valid for a six-month period or until the expiry date of the Indian passport linked to it, whichever is earlier.
  • Subject to meeting normal immigration requirements, a registrant may, during the validity of the pre-arrival registration, use a valid notification slip together with the specific and valid Indian passport linked to the successful pre-arrival registration to make multiple visits to the HKSAR visa-free.
  • On each visit, a registrant may stay in the HKSAR for up to 14 days.
  • The registrant will be allowed to make a new registration only when the current registration has expired.
  • The registrant may check the validity of the registration through the “Pre-arrival Registration Validity Enquiry
  • In case the notification slip is lost, defaced, damaged or not printed on a sheet of blank A4 white paper, the registrant is required to reprint the notification slip.
  • To reprint, the registrant is required to input the exact answer to the Identification Question selected during the registration process, failing which he/she will not be able to view or reprint the notification slip.
  • The answer to the Identification Question CANNOT be reset.
  • We advise that the registrant saves a copy of the notification slip in a secure location for future reference.

The issue of the notification slip is not a guarantee of the registrant’s entry to the HKSAR. The registrant is still subject to immigration control under the provisions of the Immigration Ordinance, Chapter 115, Laws of Hong Kong.

A person admitted as a visitor in the HKSAR is not allowed to take any employment, whether paid or unpaid; establish or join in any business; or become a student at a school, university or other educational institution in the HKSAR

Should you have any questions, please contact any of the following:

Ivan Chait
General Manager, Immigration Services
Registered Migration Agent No. 9253612
T: + 61 2 9262 4477
E: [email protected]

Tara Ende
National Immigration Service Delivery Manager
Registered Migration Agent No. 1066328
T: + 61 2 9262 4477
E: [email protected]

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