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Immigration Update: Hong Kong


28 November 2016

Relaxation of Training Visa Policy for Vietnam Nationals

With effect from 14 November 2016, The Hong Kong Immigration Department (“HKID”) has relaxed the Training Visa policy for Vietnam nationals who intend to enter Hong Kong for the purpose of receiving training and attending internship in Hong Kong.

Prior to the amendment, the HKID would not accept or process any Training Visa applications for Vietnam nationals. With this new amendment, Vietnam nationals can now apply for Training Visa in Hong Kong if they meet the eligibility criteria set out by the HKID.

The processing time and procedure for the application remain the same as compared to other foreign nationals i.e. approximately 4 – 6 weeks upon submission of complete documents/information.

Please feel free to contact the following if you have any questions:

June Mok
Group Immigration Manager Asia
Santa Fe Group Relocation Services
Tel : +603 7805 4322
Email :

Jane Teng
Operations Manager Immigration Services – Asia
Santa Fe Group Relocation Services
Tel : +86 21 6233 9700 ext. 232
Email :

Mustafa Mohammed – GMS
Immigration Services Manager
Santa Fe Relocation Services Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2574 6204
Email :


Australian Contact

Ivan Chait
General Manager, Immigration Services
Registered Migration Agent No. 9253612
T: + 61 2 9262 4477

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