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Mining, oil, and gas

Corporate relocations to suit the resources sector

As industry-leading corporate removalists, the WridgWays team can provide tailored, comprehensive solutions to suit your operations.

Whether you need to move employees to or from mine sites or set up remote offices, we can design a solution which meets your exact requirements.

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Mining, Oil, and Gas
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Solutions for the resources sector

We can provide corporate relocation services to suit your operations. Our team will move your employees or offices to wherever you need them.

Office relocation

The WridgWays team can help you set up site offices anywhere you need them. We can move all the furniture and equipment you need as well sourcing new assets with tailored FF&E solutions.

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Employee relocation

As specialists in resources sector removals, we understand the needs of having a mobile workforce. Whether you are moving employees on a fly-in, fly-out roster or for long-term relocations, we can provide comprehensive employee relocation solutions.

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Visa and immigration

At WridgWays, we can help you move key employees anywhere in the world with international removals and visa and immigration support. We can manage the paperwork and processing for your organisation.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you help us set up a new site office?

Yes, whether you need offices moved from one location to another or an entirely new office set up, we can provide the right solution. We have comprehensive office relocations services as well as FF&E solutions to suit your business requirements.

What support can you provide for employee moves?

We go above and beyond to ensure your employees are supported when they move, so they can hit the ground running in their new location. We offer:

  • Look-see trips and orientation
  • Home search
  • Schools search
  • Support for spouse and family

Where can you move employees to?

We can move employees to and from anywhere in the world. We have offices and facilities all over Australia and a global network to support interstate and international moves.

Talk to us about your corporate relocations

WridgWays can move your people and operations where they need to be.

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